The Tiger Woods Family wishes you a Merry Christmas…

I couldn’t resist.

See? We're working it out!


  1. 😀
    That’s one for the Christmas Cards!

  2. I am shocked and appalled!!

    (Hee, hee!)

  3. Wow! I just figured out why this story touches you at such a deep level. Tigers wife is your twin, except you have better eyes. Ha!

  4. Love it!

  5. That is absolutely hilarious!! I’ve been creeping your blog for some time now (it’s fabulous!!) and I thought it was high time I wrote a comment. I love that picture! Did you make it?

    • annie valentine says:

      No, I got it in an email and filched it. I’m way too unskilled to put together something like that.

  6. That is horrible! (hahahaha)

  7. I understand why you couldn’t resist that! LOL.. Love it!