Two down, sixteen to go.

My baby is two today. I would say that I’m nervous for the Terrible Two’s, but I think she hit them about eight months ago. When we told Harrison she was going to be two, he said, “Huh uh, she’s three!” Yeah, in my dreams.

Having a daughter has changed my life. It’s made me look at who I am as a woman and reevaluate some of my personal beliefs. Like how I feel about my body. Since my beautiful June Bug came along, everything I do matters because there is someone out there who wants to be just like me.

I decided two years ago that I was done asking questions like, “Does this make me look fat?” or saying things out loud like, “I hate the way my ____ looks in this!” Fill in the blank because most of us say this kind of thing a dozen times a week.

But I’m done with that because I want my daughter to grow up thinking she’s beautiful. The best way I can teach her that is feel that way about myself. So I do, and as long as I’m her mommy, she’ll never hear me trash who I am inside or out.

And June? She’s wild and fun and full of zest. The girl has personality running out her ears, she loves shopping and people and snuggling with mommy when she’s supposed to be asleep. She still gets a sippy cup with chocolate milk at bedtime and I can’t seem to resist her sticky little face, ever. She loves the creepy old Care Bare movies, Dora, Split Pea Soup, and dresses. She also likes baseball bats. If you’re looking for well-rounded, she’s it.

Here’s a few shots of my baby gorilla, I mean girl, at age two.

The Apple Thief

This is her power stance.

The signature move.

I'm thankful for my little built-in best friend.

This is what happens when she dresses herself. She can't decide whether she's a princess or a football player.

Note the "pretty nightgown" she put on under her BYU football jersey.

Happy Birthday, baby girl. We wouldn’t trade you for anything, even if it came toilet trained.


  1. She really is a doll! That smile and those eyes!! Aren’t girls wonderful?

  2. She’s adorable! You are blessed! And you are cute yourself! 😉

  3. She is beautiful! And she looks just like you!

  4. She is your Mini Annie!

  5. What a doll:) Sometimes I think I don’t have the patience or energy for a little girl of my own—but then other times I don’t think I could live without having at least one.

  6. What a sweetheart – and what a sweet post 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday CUTE girl! You and your Mama are beautiful!

  8. LOVE the pictures. Happy Birthday June Bug!!!!!!!
    Love, Aunt Tiffany and Cousin Jane

  9. Hey, I have a two year old “full of zest” at well. Although I think I prefer Holy Terror, but to each his/her own. Happy Birthday June! I love hearing stories about her. 🙂

  10. Terrible twos are a lie. It’s really terrible 1.5-2.5. That said, Annie, she’s GORGEOUS. What a cute lil’ angel! I love the dual personality of football player and princess. She IS well rounded and that will make her happy all through her life.

  11. She really is adorable, and you are a good mom for wanting to teach her to love herself! When I had my first daughter, there was a lot of soul searching as well! 🙂

  12. The June Bug is beautiful. The terrible twos may never happen, seriously mine all missed them. However, my oldest girl was born hormonal and is still known as the “tantrum queen of the world”, sh eis nearly 13.

  13. She is co cute Annie!!! The most kissable little cheeks.
    I’m so proud of you for recognizing the power of words. I have a 12 year old daughter who is actually quite petite. But I heard her say a year or so ago some comment about not wanting to get fat. We as mother’s are SO RESPONSIBLE for some of these notions our teen-agers get stuck on. There is enough crap from peer pressure, that “mom-pressure” should be all about building up!

  14. congrats on making it to the twos!! 🙂 i’m sure it won’t be as bad as everyone makes it out to be!

  15. She is a beautiful. She has a twinkle in her eyes though, that lets you know what a little spitfire she is. That picture of you and her? You look like her 12 yr old babysitter, not her mom!

  16. Sweet baby. Happy day to you all!

  17. Happy Birthday, Junie! We loved spending time with you and your family and can’t wait to see you at Christmas!

  18. Kim Haynes says:

    Oh my gosh,could she look more like you? She is so cute. Boy it brings back memories of a little Annie,and you also have personality coming out your ears. Cute pictures! Thanks it made my day!

  19. How cute. MY daughter is my best friend –she is now 31. after 4 sons, it is wonderful to have my one daughter (even though I adore my sons)
    Good thinking on your part to set the example about your SELF so she can learn from you. she will always need that re-affirmation that SHE is perfect in her very own way.
    Her power stance will take her FAR in life I believe.

  20. oh, and p.s. regarding post below.
    Tiger Woods is a dumbass

  21. Sweet entry, Annie! I remember the one time I met you she was 8 months old. What a cutie she is. I’m glad for you that you typed this all down, so that in the future years she can read this and know just how much her mommy loves her. 🙂

    Happy Christmas!

  22. She’s adorable. And I LOVE what you said about loving yourself for her sake. I believe in that principle but sometimes fail at it a little bit, but at least I’m trying.

    You are beautiful. Also you look quite a lot like a blend of a couple of my sisters (who are also beautiful).

  23. Annie,
    I love the dress her self picture how else can her own little personality show through she is a doll.

  24. wow, you can see her personality shining in every picture! what a charmer, her and her momma! sweet post.