Well, this will make you throw up.

I was planning to do some grand resolution post, then I read this article today and decided I needed to yell a little instead.

I just read that my favorite go-to love show radio host enthusiast, Delilah, pulled her kids from their private school. Her reasoning? They’re being infiltrated with Mormon doctrine.

The doctrine in question is a course on Steven Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people. Because obviously, his course is laced with underlying brainwashing tactics and mental mine bombs, planted throughout his very frightening personal improvement plan. Let’s break them down and uncover the real motivation behind these “habits”.

1. Be proactive. You might think he’s referring to taking the initiative in the work place here, but you’re dead wrong. What he’s really talking about is the Relief Society and all those meals they’re always forcing on people. Watch out for those Mormons, they’re always giving out free food.

2. Begin with the end in mind. Hello? He’s obviously trying to push salvation on people here. I mean, if this step doesn’t refer to the fact that we’re all just waiting to die I don’t know what is. Come on Steve, can’t you be more subtle an that?

3. Put first things first. Come on, do we have to hear about food storage again? Those Mormons and their 72-hour kits. Don’t they know that national disasters are job security for the Red Cross?

4. Think win-win. Church basketball. Why does everything always come back to church basetball?

5. Seek first to understand and then be understood. This certainly is not referring to interpersonal relationships with people in the work place. In fact, I find the very suggestion offensive. And whatever you do, don’t apply this principle to your marriage.

6. Synergize. Talk about frightening, who knew Covey was a mormon and a Treky?

7. Sharpen the Saw. He’s a mass murderer, I’m telling you. Run, run for your lives!

I hate this whole thing, and I’m sad about Delilah. People like this just don’t seem to get it, you know? They listen to people around them who “study” our religion, but are really just misguided haters. This is America, can’t we all just get along?  

I would love to continue listening to her program just to show that I know Christians are wonderful people (and Mormons are Christians too, by the way), but I won’t be able to stomach it anymore.

Good thing I’ve got Englebert and Michael dowloaded to my computer.


  1. I read about this on another blog. It’s clear that us Mormons are trying to inflitrate kids everywhere. Muwwaaahhhh!!

  2. I feel bad that she felt so threatened that she felt that she needed to remove her kids from the schools. She has the right and I respect her choice. The way Mormons are being portrayed by the media and by other religions, if I wasn’t a member I too might be wary. I wouldn’t be too harsh on her. Hopefully in time her heart will soften and she will get to know more about us and not feel as threatened. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t continue listening to her show! I, myself, find it too cheesy for my taste, but go ahead….listen to the sappy stories, listen to her feel good moments, and then call in and request a song from Donny and Marie or the Mo-Tab.

  3. That woman is just plain stupid. (I’m not Mormon, but I never condone stereotyping of any kind. Ugh.

  4. How annoying. I’d really love to hear her reasoning.

  5. Her voice always kind of annoyed me anyway. And I have a strict ‘no talk radio policy’ since I’m always making fun of my husband for listening to it. So this just confirms my resolve to stay away from Delilah all together. Also, I hope her kids convert as soon as possible…..that would show her.

  6. annie,
    i am a mom. a catholic. an avid talk-radio listener. and lived in utah. (sharing my credentials here.)
    1. sometimes mom’s have to make tough choices for our kids; and the kids may not like those decisions. however, i fear delilia may have made a decision based on emotion only and possibly didn’t kept her children’s best interests in mind. of course, this is strictly her business and i can only speculate.

    2. christians should act christian – what is she afraid of? seriously, people act like this about books, dancing, movies, etc. as though, all the evil things around us are going to have such influence on our own convictions within our religious values and family teachings. it seems extreme to remove her children from school. but, this is her business.

    3. my radio programming of choice is talk-radio, but even i do not stoop so low and compromise my quality radio time with delilia. i think she’s a like a cheap knock-off and have never been able to stomach her syrupy, fake voice and dedications! this is my business.

    4. and this is the heart of my reply. having grown up amongst catholics and lutherans most of my life, i heard ‘rumor’ about those wacky ‘mormons’. then, i lived in utah for 7 years and got to know these wacky women/men/children and community for myself. i was SO impressed with the community, how mormons’ reach out to each other, the cleanliness, the helping hands…i could go on and on….
    when people are ignorant, this is how they behave.
    so, whenever i have an opportunity to educate someone about mormon values, i do.

    and mostly, like you said – why can’t we all just get along?

  7. Delilah has caused me to retch a little the one or two times my station landed on her broadcast before I realized. I would be inclined to think that she is the infiltrating brain washer based on my very brief listens to her broadcasts. ,But hey, you go Delilah, take those darling babies of yours and run from the Mormon/Covey plague! Goodness knows that the combo of your sap and Coveys brainwashing is a double whammy no kid should have to bare.

  8. Perhaps I’m ignorant myself but I had no idea that Stephen Covey was mormon. Either way, I don’t really care. Many of his books are useful tools to improving one’s life or work situation and aim for the betterment of self. I’m all for that.
    I attended a conference where he discussed this new program of his and it is all about enhancing our local communities to discontinue violence, crime, and social hatreds–simply by employing a few sound practices. The research has shown that education is improved, crime is lowered, and communities come together to help one another as well as aiding OTHER communities.
    I don’t care if you’re a Mormon or a wandering nomad–change like that is a good thing.

  9. Uh-oh, we are in trouble. Our elementary school here, where my kids attend (less than 3% are Mormon) just adopted Steven Covey’s “The Leader in Me” program as well. On the first day of school we were met with new murals along the school corridors. The PTA has invested a LOT of money into implementing this program. Once word gets out that it was written by a Mormon it’s all over.

    And I think while we’re at it, lets check on who wrote all the Math Books, Social Science, etc. We wouldn’t want them to be written by Mormons either. Let’s just have a good old fashioned book burning.

  10. If he were a Catholic, Protestant, Baptist……any OTHER religion would it even be questioned? Just like Michelle said in the previous comment….we best check out who wrote all the other books in the curriculum.

    Oh and she best kick her TV to the curb because a Mormon invented television. Oh and umm….didn’t a Mormon invent the transistor radio. Mormonism is going to ooooze out into her brain!

    Just sayin’…

  11. Kristi is right on. If Stephen Covey belonged to any other religion it wouldn’t be an issue.
    For example, our local “Christian” book store removed all Greg Olson paintings from their inventory when they found out he was LDS. And he paints pictures of CHRIST!
    Several years before the store incident, I happened to be in the home of a family I had never met before (some school thing), and they had a Greg Olson painting in their living room. I asked if they were Mormon since I had never seen a Greg Olson painting in any home that wasn’t. The mother looked like she was going to be sick, and the painting was removed.

    So sad. I really wish that instead of going to our opponents (so to speak) for their information, those with questions would just ask a member of the church. By their fruits ye shall know them!

  12. Blogstalker says:

    And yet, you so called all-religion loving Mormons will rarely read a book or hang a picture by anyone other than a fellow Mormon…it’s kinda the same thing people.

    • annie valentine says:

      For what it’s worth, Blogstalker, I want you to know that most of the religious art in my home is NOT by LDS authors, but beautiful things I’ve collected from Israel and Germany, or inherited from non-LDS relatives. And personally, I rarely read books by LDS authors (because I’m too infatuated with shallow science fiction non-inspirational crap).

      And although there are those Mormons who might not get out much in the way of literature, I’ve never, ever heard of anyone dogging or tossing something simply because it was from some other Christian source.

      (I would have emailed you this personally but you gave a fake email. Don’t be afraid to use your name next time, your opinion counts here.)

  13. Since it’s my response that prompted yours, Blogstalker, I can tell you that I have only one piece of art in my home by an LDS artist, and I don’t read LDS literature because it’s just not my thing. I would NEVER discriminate against art or media I enjoy because of the artist’s or author’s religious viewpoints, and I don’t know of any member of the church who would do such a thing. That makes no sense at all. Most artwork that hangs in church buildings and temples is not done by Mormons.

  14. Wow. Seriously? I’ve read that book. I don’t remember reading anything to do with religion at all in it.

    The Delilah show has been a guilty pleasure of mine. I totally suck up her fake radio voice and sappy love stories. But I may have to rethink my presets after hearing about this.

    And just to add my bit for Blogstalker, I’ve probably read a handful of books written by mormons. I’m just a bit more well read than that. Also, one of my favorite things to do is learn about other religions. I really value other peoples beliefs along with my own. Many of my family members are not mormon. Do I love them anyway? You better believe it.

    I will admit, there ARE those who don’t read much other than LDS fiction or buy LDS art. (Take my mom for example? It’s either science fiction or LDS fiction for her. Barf. … Sorry Annie.)

    My point is, there are people out there-like some mormons who don’t branch out and Delilah-but not all humans are so close-minded. I hope you aren’t, Blogstalker. 🙂

  15. No. Way. I want to scream now. I’ve never loved Deliliah, but she was fun to listen to at times, and I respected her in some ways (adopting, etc.). Now? I just want to throw something.