Biggest crush EVER.

Read about my recent Love Affair here (or click on my face). That’s all I’m saying.


  1. I’ve been in love with Oreck for 15 years. I own two vacuums, plus the carpet cleaner. The greatest thing about this vacuum is the weight. Perfect for little helpers!

  2. Gotta say, a good vacuum is worth its weight in gold.

    (For Mr. Tightwad: it’s a good investment to get a good one–you won’t spend money later replacing it!)

  3. I’m jealous. My vacuum budget was $75. It works well enough I suppose…

  4. Just ventured into the bagless vacuum arena last summer. Started with a Eureka from Sears. It wasn’t cheap despite the name. I like it fine so far, the thing has great suction but is heavier than my toddler. Try dragging that thing up and down the stairs.

    We used an Oreck forever at the health club, my dad was super impressed with the bowling ball commercial.

  5. No one says in better.

    Love the gun comparison. I’ll have to remember that one.

  6. You are starting to freak me out…. is this bad boy better than my Dyson?? Can he do bare floors? Because I’m tired of the dog peeing on my carpet and it’s getting ripped out in favor of some Pergo stuff.

  7. So the question is, did you end up getting it?

    I love my vacuum. Best investment of my life and I will worship it always. Okay, that’s taking it a bit far but still, I love the sucker. (ha ha! Pun so intended.)

  8. Hehehe, is it lame if one of my fantasies is to get that Dyson vacuum? Everytime I see that commerical, I pretend that I have it, and how wonderful life would be if I did….it’s all dependent on the vacuum people.

  9. Annie what vacuum did you get? I have the Dyson animal one and I love it. The dyson replaced my 10yr old Vacuum so my husband told me it was okay to spend that much on the Dyson if I could make it last for 10 yrs.

  10. We just pulled out our vacuum after a couple years (we had all wood floors before), to find out that it totally sucks. And not in a good vacuum sucky way.

  11. I must admit –I didn’t t hink this would be a love story about a vacuume. But hey, you are right, good tools for OUR trade are a must.

    and I think I will try to “give it to Jesus” as well. sometimes there are thiings that are too painful to try and figure out by yourself, to crushing to your soul………..I need to give it away.