Camping at the Shilo

So I’m in Washignton with my sisters and mother, sequestered away in our favorite hotel haunt up in Tacoma. I’m sharing a bed with Jen and none of us remembered to bring toothpaste. (Translation: we all figured everyone else would bring toothpaste.)

Went to the pool last night, I swear I’ve gained five pounds and could hardly squeeze it all into my swimsuit. There was this poor little five year old who kept almost drowning, I was kind of concerned (but not enough to ditch the hot tub for the frigid pool). His mom kept saving him just in time, and since we heard no sirens, I’m assuming he survived the remainder of his swim.

What I really want to say is that there is nothing like being surrounded by women who love you. Yes, sometimes we drive eachother batty, but for the most part, I have the best family in the entire universe. There’s no one I’d rather be locked in a dressing room stall with than these girls right here.

If you’re feeling lonely, call a sister or call a friend. It’s the best free therapy in the world. (Warning: some sisters are more opinionated than others, so proceed with caution.)


  1. True that!

  2. Thanks for the disclaimer. I have four sisters. Sometimes I need that disclaimer!!

  3. I -like-big-butts and I cannot lie….. I am cool with you gaining 5 lbs.

  4. NO WAY! You’re in Tacoma right now?!?! I live in Tacoma! Hope you have an amazing time with your mom and sisters! I agree, my sister is my very best friend!

  5. I agree. Sisters are the best. If only I could get my two daughters to stop fighting long enough to believe it.

  6. Have fun! I always wished I had sisters; but certainly am grateful for some fab girlfriends!

  7. Girls weekend’s are the best. I look forward to our’s All. year. long.

  8. sooooo true. My sister and I are very close and we just got to spend the weekend together. Was lovely. And I got to see my mom and dad and brother too. FAMILY. The ties that bind.
    good or bad
    ugly or pretty
    opinionated or not —they are yours, and we cherish them

  9. Thanks so much for making me feel lonely and miserable.


  10. Enjoy those sisters. And that hot tub!