Extra! Extra! I have news!

Today is a good news day. Not only am I getting together with a group of undisclosed girlfriends to party like we did in 1999 when we were all young and hot, but I have some good, great, thrilling news.

First, I just got an email from the Standard Examiner asking me to start writing my Top of Utah Voices Column twice a month. Dave Ramsey is going to be so excited, that means I’m going to get paid double. (Do not be deceived. Double still isn’t that much.)

Second, Monday is my first ever solo gig on Studio 5! That’s right, sometime during that magical hour between eleven and noon I will be on KSL, spouting off about my favorite wintertime low-cost beauty tricks and tips. It’s going to be good stuff, stuff I haven’t even told you about yet (which is kind of shocking since I really do tell you almost everything). So set the DVR and join me on Monday. (I have no idea what I’m going to wear, but I’ve gained five pounds in January, so it will probably be very, very black.)

And lastly, thanks to the generous hearts and deep pockets of my girlfriends in the blogosphere, I am actually moving T-shirts. I think I’ve sold about 25 so far, and I only have around 85 more to sell. So seriously, please consider a T-shirt. It’s a guaranteed moment of happiness, I promise you. Mainly because who doesn’t love getting a package with clothing in it? You want one, you know you do.


  1. I am so excited to watch you on Monday! Yay! And I am planning on buying a t-shirt so stay tuned!

  2. Very cool about your column and Studio 5!

  3. I look forward to your 2nd column. You’ll have to keep us posted as to which days they show up.
    Also congrats on Studio 5 again. It will fun to watch.

  4. Those t-shirts, do you have young kid sizes? (Like a 6th grader who is obsessed with twilight?)

    Congratulations on the good news! Yay, Annie!

  5. Why don’t you wear your T-shirt on KSL?

    That would move them.

  6. Congrats on both the Standard and Studio 5! I can’t wait to hear all your secrets on Monday. It was so fun to meet you today– and thanks again!

  7. That’s wonderful Annie! Can’t wait to see you on teh tellyvision set.

  8. Wow, how cool! I love that you get solo time, last time they totally should’ve given you more spotlight!! And yay for double the income, even if it isn’t much–still double!!

  9. Okay so I feel almost famous… since I’ve read you like forever and sometimes you hit my blog up and comment!…

    WOW… I’m going to have to TIVO KSL! 🙂

  10. It was SO fun meeting you! I will be watching the show Monday. I’m also pretty sure I am going to need that pink T-shirt. I have a feeling they are going to be a collectors item.

  11. That is very cool! Wish I had KSL 🙂

  12. Annie! Congrats on all you upcomings! UBER fabulous!

    But really I just want a shirt. I’m team Jacob. Can I get one??

    I NEED one!

  13. GEEZ! Do you need my SS# too, just so I can leave a comment???

    You hilarious. I will be tuning in on Monday. Will they be taking calls? I would love to call in and ask questions.

  14. Ummmm, I really do know how to form a complete sentence. What am I, a cave woman?

    I meant to say YOU ARE HILARIOUS!

  15. Great news all around, Annie! I’m grinning for your extra cash & solo gig! Sweetness.

  16. Boo-yah! I’m so excited for you! DVR is set! And just a reminder…you said you’d send a birthday shout out to one of your friends…..
    Love, love, love you!!! Thanks for coming to my secret (shhhh!) party!

  17. Annie you are the BOMB.
    That gathering of HOT CHICKS —was that the one for my wonderful friend AMBER!! She posted about it and yes, I saw all you HOT CHICKS there.
    what was missing ———–ME!!!!!!!
    ok, I get it, it was the whole HOT CHICKS thing wasn’t it. I would have ruined the whole “table look”.
    But come on —-someone a little older and uglier would have added some character.

    YOU on Sudio 5 again –please post a video of it since I won’t get to see it. I want–no need –to hear about your beauty tips. I was thinking of doing a whole post on makeup techniques, secrets and that whole thing.