Please, don’t send me flowers.

I know you want to, and I know it’s tempting to dip into that budget and drop a 50 on some lavish arrangement of flowers for your dear old television-bound friend Annie, but really stop. Don’t. No, you can’t. (Unless you’re Kristina, in that case, click here.)

The big count down has begun. I have spent the last week sucking down cooked cabbage in a futile attempt to be ten pounds thinner so that when the camera adds ten, I’ll look normal. Then there’s all that bleach I’ve been using on my teeth, which seriously, twice a day is probably all you want to try. My gum’s are scorched down to nothing.

(One of my oldest and dearest girlfriends, Margaret, forgot to take her bleach trays out and fell asleep a few nights before her wedding. Needless to say she kind of glowed in the dark on her honeymoon. Hot, I know. Wait, glow in the dark. That’s not a bad idea…)

I checked my closet twenty times for something appropriate to go with my favorite heels, and I have nothing (well, nothing exciting and not old). So I took myself on a little trippy trip to Macey’s and found what I hope is the perfect kind-of-safe sweater (which I’m pairing with my smallest girdle and tightest pair of jeans with hopes that they will take me down an entire size–again with the camera math).

And so, look out world. My seven minutes of fame is here and gosh darn it, it’s going to be fun.

(As long as I don’t say anything stupid. Oh crap.)


  1. Tee-hee! Giddy with excitement for you. Rock the interview! XO

  2. You’ll be great and look hot. Don’t worry a thing…you’re a professional.

  3. Woohoo! But what are you talking about on tv?

  4. I’ll say a prayer that you don’t have cabbage in your teeth or bend over in your jeans. Good luck! Look, a virtual rose: —<–(@ Whatever, I tried.

  5. Hon, you couldn’t look fat if you tried. You could be dunked head-first into a vat of mud and come out looking better than most of us.

  6. I wish I wish I could see it!!!

  7. You look so fab. all the time that for you to look anything less than stellar is a physical impossibility. But all the same “LUCK!” I swear you don’t need it. 😉

  8. Can’t wait to see it! Meaning I still need the time and TV info… 🙂

  9. I was actually going to get my flowers from a cemetary. They won’t even miss them!!!

  10. Remember, they are looking for new talent to replace Oprah with! No pressure, but I am just saying, maybe you could be the next white Oprah!!! Good Luck, and post a snipit for all of us that are lucky enough to live outside of Utah!!

  11. Just another step in your scheme to take over the world. And to think I was here to see it happen.

  12. You’ve done all that’s humanly possible. Good luck. I know you’ll be great. How are family out here in WA supposed to witness this spectacular event?!

  13. Break a leg!

  14. annie – you must find a way to post the interview to youtube or vimeo…your fans demand it!
    enjoy your few minutes of fame. i’m positive you’ll do marvelously:)

  15. Ditto! some of us don’t have the luxury of watching you live! We are so excited and will definitely be scrutinizing the shoes and outfit and thinking to ourselves: “Oh my gosh! In real life she is even ten pounds skinnier than that!” We are all cheering for you! (Dang! Why can I never remember that EFY cheer when I need it?!)

  16. I am so jealous –I would love to be on tv. (why?) Especially with that whole 10 lbs thing.
    which makes me wonder, some of the girls I see on tv are freaking skinny ——-so WHERE was there added 10 lbs.
    Take a photo an post it so those of us who don’t get to see the show can see your “diva attire”

  17. I just finished watching American Idol, put Jane in the bath, and decided to see what you are up to and….holy cow…it’s this thursday! I am so excited for you! I’ll call you tomorrow to wish you well (you’ll do awesome of course). Admit it, you were made for TV. Be yourselft, yet think “what looks/sounds good on TV”…let the communication major come out in you. Yeah Annie!

  18. I’m so sad I can’t see it!! I hope you get someone to take some of it on their phone or something, and definitely put up a picture so we can see your hotness! Good luck, you’ll be fantastic!!

  19. This is so very exciting! I can’t wait to hear the details and see the shoes!

    And when you get rich and famous, don’t forget all us little people. 😉

  20. You’ll be great! Good luck 🙂

  21. I would be drowning my fears in icecream by now if I were in your place. Yep, saying something dumb, that would be my biggest fear. But you, you are going to be awesome. I have no doubt. And I’ve got my DVR set!

  22. I just caught you on TV and looked up your blog. I’m in Utah but I live in Idaho!

    I’m just telling you, I didn’t notice the cute sweater but I did notice the skinny jeans and your favorite heels under the table! Don’t worry, you looked great!