Potty Training Stinks.

It has begun.

Do not ask my why I thought potty training was going to take less than a day. That book is so full of crap it’s not even funny.

You would think I’ve never done this before. And it’s like having a baby. Everything old is new again, and I can’t remember a single thing about any of it. I’ve decided that I must block a lot of stuff out.

I could always sift back and read about potty training Rex, you know, just to brush up on things. I could also go get a colonoscopy. It would probably amount to about the same amount of useful information, and I think I’d pick the colonoscopy.

It’s not that we’ve been totally unsuccessful. She turned 2 last month and has spent the past few weeks sitting and wiping and flushing and begging to use the potty. She can pull her undies on and off, and loves the idea of tinkling–we just haven’t had liftoff yet. And liftoff is key.

I probably should have reviewed the potty training books that I spent all that money on before starting, then I would have remembered that Rex should NOT have been here. He was about as disruptive to the process as a volcano spewing hot lava all over the toilet. Where was all this enthusiasm when I was trying to train him???!!

And so, I’m starting off today with a Rex-free home, a raging cold, and six pair of clean undies. I’ve got my medication (a.k.a. diet coke), and plenty of fluids for the baby (a.k.a. diet coke). Hey, we do what we’ve got to do to get the fluids flowing and keep her awake long enough to make a couple good tinkles for mommy. (Also, you probably shouldn’t follow my example.)

(BTW – If we are successful, this will be the first time in nearly seven years that I’ve not changed diapers two, three, four or five times a day. Come on June Bug, one solid success is all we need…)


  1. ! Good luck, Sista. I’m feeling for you. I was the lazy mom who said, “Just pee when you want to, but don’t bother Mamma when she’s watching her stories.”
    (That was a lie. YOU know that, but anyone who’s reading your comments and thinks she just found a soul-sister may turn out to be disappointed.)

    But really, best wishes for the tinkles. *crossing my fingers*

  2. Neither one of my kids achieved ‘lift off’ before the age of 3-no matter how I pushed and prodded. I am always amazed when I hear it happens, but I know it does so GOOD LUCK to ya!

  3. I SO totally feel your pain! We are peepee trained, can’t quite get the hang of the other…yet. I’ve been buying diapers for 7 years! And two different sizes until my #3 got trained. That was nice. I want so badly to be done with them. If you have any tricks, pass them on to little Amelia. She’s 2 1/2 now. Oh, and GOOD LUCK!!

  4. You’re half way there! (I honestly have no idea. I just thought that would make you feel better.)

  5. Oh man. That’s what I get to to do next (so not looking forward to it). My little one turns 2 next month…and I am trying to decide whether to put it off or not due to the fact that another little one will be making his entrance into the world soon.

    The funny thing about potty training is I swear it trains us moms more than it does the kids. We begin to know exactly when they need to go potty (like clock-work) – almost before they do. We then learn very quickly where every bathroom is located in the grocery store, super-store, or whatever place we are brave enough to take our kids to. And then the moment of excitement when a child finally “figures it out” makes us happier than a little kid in the candy store. Yep – we get trained in the process too 🙂

  6. My twins were 3 1/2 when the potty trained. We only did it b/c mama (me) need ’em to be trained so they could go to preschool & give me a little break.

    Now our baby (2 1/2) is kinda getting into PT mode but I’m pulling back going no way, not yet, maybe daddy can train him this time.

    Good luck. No kid enters Kindergarden wearing dipes, right?

  7. 6 clean undies? I remember needing at least 16!!!! 😉 Good Luck . . . . my daughter seemed to “get it” faster than my boys, hopefully the same will happen for you!

  8. I hate potty training. Hate it. Fiercely.

    Best of luck, Annie! It’ll happen eventually!

  9. I’ve got a whole 6months-to-a-year before I get back in THAT saddle again.

    Somehow, I’d rather change diapers.

  10. Once you do potty train them, then you run into the situation of finding a suitable potty to use. We went camping this summer, and my 3 yo neice Maggie found none of the bathrooms acceptable, and she had to go…..number two……but she’s such a stubborn little goober that she held it, for about 2 days! Oh, the drama. Good luck!