He’ll never have Air Supply

I was driving down the road yesterday, listening to a Best Of station, when Air Supply came on.

Now let me tell you, I love my man. He’s the most wonderful man ever (as long as he doesn’t get too honest about my weight). When I see the sun gleam off his beautiful bald head, it makes my heart race and my stomach sucks itself in all by itself (so I look skinnier). I’m mad and crazy for him on every level imaginable–except one. 80’s music. He might have my heart, body and soul, but he’ll never have the 80’s.

I was the third of three girls at the end, and we weren’t allowed to listen to “unapproved music” until we turned 12, at which time we were given a boom box and a big fat lecture on choosing good music.

Thing is, I hit my first big crush (one that had been stewing for years) the summer before I turned 12. And we all know, you can’t be in love in the 80’s and not listen to 80’s music, it’s just wrong on so many levels. So my sisters made me an approved tape from the radio of all the best love songs in the world.

I would sit in my room and listen to that tape over and over and over, thinking about Him and how great his braces were, wondering if he was thinking of me, imagining our wedding (do not judge me, I swear you did it too).

Now, all these years later, when I drive down the road and hear those wonderful, romantic songs, I have to smile because as hard as I try, I have to force Jason’s face to the forefront of my consciousness. It’s like trying to unbrainwash the member of some relatively nice cult; nearly impossible.

I’m so glad I was in love (aka completely and totally obsessed on what can only be described as an unhealthy level) in the 80’s, I’d feel so left out if I had missed it.


  1. You can’t talk about great 80’s love music and leave out Chicago….get’s me in a loving mood everytime…because they’re a hard habit to break. Even their break up songs were great….So if you see me walking by, and the tears are in my eyes….look away baby look away……..don’t look at me I don’t want you to see me this way…

    I’m going to have to break out my cassette player

  2. One of my favorite things about music in general is the memories it can conjure. I have about a million songs that make me think of Superman, and it’s the same for him. Sometimes we even call each other when a song comes on and start singing to one another. Makes me happy.

  3. All my best teen-angst-music memories are tied up with boys who grew up to be not my husband. Specifically, any song that was ever a soundtrack to a John Hughes movie. (I’ll touch you once, I’ll touch you twice, I won’t let go at any price… Isn’t she pretty in pink?… that wordless St. Elmo’s Fire love theme… yeah. Good times.)

  4. When I was about 10, we used to listen to a tape of Billy Joel’s greatest hits, until it wore out. I still love his music. Even if he sort of looks like a potato.

  5. I love the memories music brings up…especially past crushes. The biggest bummer?! The hubby and I do not agree much on music (except the 80’s and 60’s) and I must be of the same cult you are because none of that music is connected in my mind and stomach with the hubs.

    I am assuming your 12 yr old crush was good ol’ JC? Oh so happy your planned wedding never went through!

  6. P.S. I hope no one who reads this can crack my code…

  7. Songs definitely bring back memories. But it doesn’t end with the songs we grew up with. Now I hear a song on the radio and it will remind me of one of my teenagers–if I’ve heard them playing the song a lot or singing along with it or if I know it is one of their favorites. I love that I there are songs that remind me of newer, good memories.

  8. a few things…First off! Air Supply is almighty and will forever stir up memories of being 10 and riding in the back seat of my best friend Starla’s (yes that’s her real name) mom’s ’78 Mercury Monteray! I can smell the second hand smoke now! Takes me back!

    I bought my first can of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Light glow thanks to you and the amazing going out of Business sale at Albertsons! 75% off suntan in a can! Sign me up! Fingers crossed it will work a small miracle on my legs this Spring! I’m assuming it looks better if you shave right! Darn it! Should have thought that one through! Kind of gotten used to skipping that chore!

    And lastly I’ve been meaning to tell you a story…I once babysat a ladies kids for two whole days when I was 16. 20 hours later you know what she paid me with? Lee Press on nails! LEE PRESS ON NAILS!For reals lady! This was back in the ’90’s and I’m pretty sure they weren’t as cool as the ones you showed off. They were hot pink and had butterfly’s on them! I had to laugh when I saw you sportin’ the new and improved ones! Gone are the days of double sided fingernail shaped tape! Yeah…thanks for the reminder of the 20 hours of my life I wasted away all for a pack of plastic nails!

  9. I love Air Supply and my husband thinks I’m nuts. I don’t care. I just tell him I’m Making Love Out of Nothing At All and to leave me alone before I’m All Out of Love.

    Then he goes and listens to Depeche Mode and “fight” over.

  10. Just reading this post has transported me back!! My friends used to tease me abouting LOVING Air Supply. Do you think that band really knew what they created when they put some of those songs together? Hidden power I tell you, hidden power!
    (And I have to admit, NONE of my Air Supply, or any other 80’s songs, memories contain my hubby.)

  11. That’s our generation gap sweety –you could be my daughter
    I am about the 70’s music

    but it’s all about memories, love, and braces ——or NOT

    • annie valentine says:

      You’ll be happy to know that Jason and I consider the 70’s our era of romantic music. Because we’re stunted and love love love so much of the greats from our baby years.

  12. Secret confession here: I love air supply. And that’s the only time you’ll ever hear me say it. *mouth zipped*

  13. Hello From Russia.

    I love to Air supply. They were always popular in Russia.

    Their songs cast grief and pleasure.