Knocked Up

For those of you who missed it (because I took it down), I am officially knocked up. Almost to fourteen weeks, according to yesterday’s ultrasound (but who’s counting), and can I just say THIS HAS BEEN THE HARDEST THING NOT TO TELL YOU. You, my dearest friends who I tell everything to, keeping this to myself has been positively painful.

Luckily, the bagel stage has passed, and I’m finally starting to get glimpses of life in the second trimester. As many of you know, we’ve been working on making this child for over a year, and can I just say Hallelujah to never going through a first trimester ever again. This is it, our final attempt at procreation.

I’m planning on having the Doc fry those tubes when this kid comes out, and with my already impaired non-fertile plumbing, I’m pretty sure we won’t have any accidents that aren’t divinely planned (feel free to insert your favorite Friend Who Got Pregnant With Her Tubes Tied story here).

And so, now that I’m feeling better and the need to whine about raw meat and frozen chicken nuggets has passed (see? Aren’t you glad I kept it to myself?), we can get on to the good part of pregnancy. My boobs. Just between us, I forgot about the magical boob fairy that visits during that first trimester, it’s the one consolation prize to all the nastiness.

So here I am, emerging into the best and only nice part of pregnancy (I’m referring to my boobs again), and there’s no one here to enjoy it with. So lame. I would say it was his loss, not mine, but this is the last time I’ll have a rack like a teenager’s that’s not surgically enhanced and I’d like to enjoy it. The clock is ticking buddy, get yourself home.


  1. Congratulations Annie! and I’ll leave it to you to figure out what I’m congratulating you about 😉

  2. Before you get your tubes tied, look into the Essure procedure. I just had it done ( and it was a breeze! Practically NO recovery time!

    Congrats! I’m new to your blog and LOVE it!!

  3. Congrats, Annie! Enjoy the second trimester. It is positively blissful for me compared to the first.

  4. Congratulations!!!

  5. Whew! It’s finally out and I can quit wondering who else knows and if I have to keep quiet. (I’m not good at quiet.)

    And you are cracking me up with the boob thing. SO true!

  6. I got to read the first post. And shame on that mean person who sent you that email.
    CONGRATS! so exciting!
    Have fun with those boobs. I dread pregnancy and nursing. Too big + nursing = disgusting. Enjoy them while you have them.

  7. I love pregnancy boobs! Congrats on the pregnancy, I look forward to reading more hilarious insights about it!

  8. You know, my boobs never change during pregnancy. They barely change when I’m nursing. I got jipped! Though I don’t really get sick, so I can’t complain.

  9. I don’t know why, but when I lose weight, I never lose weight in my boobs. Jesus loves me.

  10. Congrats! Especially on the not telling part. I’m really bad at that.

  11. Your baby is due to be born at about the same time as mine! That means I can read your blog and complain about all the symptoms that I am having that you, apparently, are not having anymore. Like…I’m still feeling sick and crappy. Like…my boobs are not looking hot and sexy right now (I’ll blame the kiddo that is still nursing, even though they are EMP-TY!)

    Congrats a million to you though! 😀

  12. Congratulations!

  13. Congrats! Boob fairy…that’s funny. Mine just reinflate to somewhat resemble what they used to look like in their glory days. But they are FAR from what they used to be. Sigh. Nursing is worth it, right? (My friend has this magnet that says, “I suffer from furniture disease…my chest keeps falling in my drawers”. That is so going to be me after nursing this time around!)

    Been there on the ttc. I am broken too. I have pcos. My 2nd took 1 1/2 years to conceive, my 3rd took 2 years plus fertility treatments to conceive, and my 4th (which has now arrived, I did post some pics)…well my 4th took no plannning at all as the Lord decided to bless us (we haven’t had to worry about birth control for 10 years…). I prayed for years for it to just happen, you know without charting, planning, and disappointment – guess it just took awhile for that one to reach where it needed to go. 🙂

    And yay for the 2nd trimester!

    • annie valentine says:

      Hey, I have pcos too! When I’m not trying to get pregnant, I love it. Otherwise, it’s Glucophate all the way.

  14. Hooray for baby Valentine #4!

  15. Congratulations, Annie! Will you be finding out what you’re having?

    p.s. Way to see the upside of pregnancy!

  16. I have the smallest, flattest, boobs in the universe which is sad when you consider I did not nurse and am rawther well endowed in the a$$. It’s hell being a fat woman with no boobs, do you know how hard it is to find a bra to make me look good? And sadly, the Boob Fairy hated me during my pregnancies. They really ought to figure out a way to do fat transplants.

    Congrats, Annie! I’m glad you are feeling better, I hope it continues for two more trimesters!

  17. Congratulations Annie! (to you AND your boobs… ah the glory days).

    I had to laugh at Kristina. And hate her.

  18. Congratulations Annie I am excited to follow you through the blog. This is exciting!! I did get to read the other post before youremoved it and I still stick to my comment. Have a wonderful day girl!!

  19. Annie you crack me up. And I am super excited for you! Congratulations!!!

  20. Hooray! I’m so happy for you? How soon can you find out the gender? And what if it is not what you think?

  21. I so miss the Boobie-Fairy! After three kids and 6 years of nursing, I sure need the Boobie-Fairy to wave her magic wand and get these things to stop pointing south.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

  22. Congratulations!!
    This boob talk is cracking me up…and is also a little depressing…4 kids and nursing later…..just saying.

  23. Congrats, that’s awesome!!!! (I’m talking about your boobs. Although the baby will be nice to have too.)

  24. ROFL! I love my boobs as well. I feel pretty when I’m pregnant and I’m sure it has everything with the change in cup size. Sadly though, I am still eating bagels and eggs over easy every day. We have a similar this is the end of kids for us plan as well. lol. My life is actually really good. It would be better if I could have a two year old lock up. But we can’t win them all. Never again will this happen. Our children are very close in age I just realized.

  25. I know it’s been a long road, so I’m THRILLED for you! (And I phooey on that lady you mentioned in the other post–you DO rock, as both a wife and a mother.)

  26. As a regular reader (and one lucky enough to have caught yesterdays storm before it vanished–which, by the way, I loved, loved, loved…sock it to her, Annie!), I am thrilled for all the growing parts of your life. Three cheers for Annie and her ladies! Oh-and congrats on the wee-one, too.

  27. I missed the other post, obviously, since I have no clue what everyone is talking about! But I did hear you were preggo! and that’s awesome!!! CONGRATS!!

  28. Oh, Annie, if your husband reads this (and I’m sure he does) you are so mean to be reminding him about those boobs he is missing out on. Like he isn’t missing you enough! Cruel! (Or very creative revenge for all you have to go through with the pregnancy)

  29. Congratulations Annie! I am so happy for you. I loved the boob comments. Your sense of humor really makes me smile! I can’t say I know how any of that feels because, I too, suffer from PCOS and was never able to conceive my own biological children. But hey, I have 2 fabulous adopted children who are now teenagers and I am very blessed.

    Best of luck during the rest of your pregnancy. And yes, I agree, your man needs to get home quick! 🙂

  30. Congratulations Annie! Such exciting news!! Glad you are feeling better!! 🙂

  31. Congrats!!! I love being pregnant and now I am done so I envy you. Still, I have huge boobs, mostly cus I am a big girl. But still my favorite part of pregnancy is feeling the little gem inside me moving around. Man I miss it. enjoy every moment of that for me K/

  32. Can’t. Believe. I had to find out about this over the internet. So. Crushed. I thought I was your only ‘BEST FRIEND!!’

    Ya, right. Me and the butcher, make-up counter lady and vaccum repair person.

    That blinkety-blink person that couldn’t keep her judgmental comments to herself can kiss my — wait, this thing is public — isn’t it Annie? Remember, I have friends in low places and I’ve always got your back.

  33. Boo Yah!!! I’m so excited for you! I’ve missed you! I’m going through and getting all caught up on your blog. That’s how I blog these days. I don’t read anyone then stay up til freaking way too late and get caught up on my friends!

    Love you!!!

  34. Congrats! Awesome news:)

  35. So exciting! Glad your feeling better and enjoying the “perks” of pregnancy!

  36. Congrats!!! Love the blog and I stash away my Vidette every week, So I can get a few laughs in before the kids get a hold of the paper & I never see it again! Woo-Hoo for blessing #4!!!