See my fat KSL Clip

In case you missed it, I was live yesterday in the worst shirt ever to air in the history of televised fashion. I swear it’s cute in real life. It was so bad that when I saw it, I wanted to vomit, and when Jason saw it, he couldn’t hold back the, “What in the heck are you wearing?” comment. Then I kicked him, ran to my room, and ate half a carton of sherbet.

I was planning to wear a totally slimming black outfit, but the pants weren’t cutting it and I could not, for the life of me, find my sweater. I threw this on three minutes before walking out the door, trusting that my instincts couldn’t lead me astray. Stupid, chubby instincts.

Check out the link in case you missed it yesterday and would like to see me looking really fat. And I know, fat is a relative term, but for me, this is a total crap shot. I can complain, it’s in the warning.


  1. Okay, so because we’re friends, I can tell you that if I’d seen you before the shoot, I might have recommended another shirt. But you’re still beautiful (and if anyone asks, you can tell them you’re pregnant!)

    • annie valentine says:

      Funny girl, why didn’t I think of that? That’s the problem with being a fat around the waist girl. When you’re fat, everything makes you look pregnant.

  2. Wait! Does Becca know something I don’t know?
    I thought you looked and did great! You so belong in front of the camera!
    Way to go!

  3. I need a root touch up SO BADLY.

    And “hide-the-tummy” shirts are tricky because they either hide the tummy or make you look about 2mos. pregnant. And chances are, if you want to hide your tummy, it’s because you already look 2 mos. pregnant. (Yes, I speak from experience.)

    It’s a cute shirt, though. Really. Just not a made for TV shirt. :o) (Trying to be nice and honest with someone you’ve “just met” is no piece of cake! Love you!)

  4. Great tips! And I thought you did a great job.

  5. I think I have seen that shirt in real life, and all I kept thinking was how it definitely looks better and less poofy in person. You still rocked it! I will have to try that magic leg stuff.

  6. You’re a natural! (Obviously not blonde, tan, or nail natural, but you know what I mean. . . a natural on TV.)
    Look on the bright side– next time you’re on, you’ll look like you lost 20 pounds and everyone will be so impressed with you. They’ll all be like, “Did you see how great Annie looks? How did she do it?!”

  7. Tiffany Idiart says:

    I think you looked beautiful!!! And you did a great job. No more of this knocking yourself. Remember, your daughter is listening!

  8. I thought you looked fabulous. But we are our own worst critics.

  9. YOU…..DO…..NOT…..LOOK…..FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And you know I’d tell you if you did.) You are great on t.v.!

  10. That was really good! Not that I am a fan of fake nails, tanning, or going blond … but YOU were really great!

  11. you were fab! Really fab! You rocked the shirt. When you exude that much confidence, everyone else thinks they’re the ones wearing the lame-o shirt. I give you double snaps.

  12. Really! Really! You’re wrong. You looked great. Go ahead and smack Jason, in a friendly way, for me.

  13. I think you look pretty dang good, Annie. But then again, when don’t you? You accessorize well too!

  14. damselindisdress says:

    whaaat? You looked great. Not lyin’.

  15. You look great!

  16. You’re adorable. Seriously, and while the shirt was probably not the BEST choice, if you hadn’t pointed it out, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. 🙂 Great job, and I’m seriously impressed with that leg make up stuff. 🙂

  17. I’m with Morgan. If you hadn’t pointed it out, I never would have thought about it. Besides, the focus was on your face most of the time any way!

    I think you did a great job!

  18. Fantastic job! The jeans looked great, and because of that everyone know such a slim legged, slim armed person is just wearing a flouncy shirt, it is the style so you are just stylish. OH next time look at the camera more, not Brooke and smile because you do that well. Most bloggers are like radio hosts sound good but missing that on-air personality, but not you my dear, fabulous.

  19. You could have sprayed a little tanning spray on the shirt. Tanning spray makes every thing looks thinner.

    You looked great! Really shiny!

    I’m gonna have to start watching KSL.

  20. Annie, who cares what the shirt looked like, because all I could look at was the nice rock on your finger!! Kudos to your man! And, I am totally buying the nails and spray tan tomorrow!! I hope you are getting some royalties for your product endorsements!!

    • annie valentine says:

      Royalties, why didn’t i think of royalties? The spray tan is with the Sally Hanson nail stuff. Good luck (and I love my ring).

  21. Annie I loved it. Who cares about the shirt you looked great and it was absolutely enlightening.:)

  22. CRAP! I totally missed you! I walked in just as the segment was finished. I’m sure you were beautiful. How could YOU not be?
    It was so fun meeting you last weekend, you are a KICK! And I think I’m in love : )


  23. I honestly thought you looked great. I loved all of your tips. You did a fabulous job. I agree… you are a natural!

  24. Watched it and you did fab! I am goign to get some nails TODAY!

  25. That sounds like something my husband would say. And I appreciate his honesty and all, but can’t he keep his stupid opinion to himself sometimes?

    And I just can’t get over how natural and comfortable you look in front of the camera. Do you think they are going to make this a regular thing?

  26. I am SO doing those nails! Why do you feel like such an old friend to me?

  27. Awwwww, you’re so cute. I loved it! (And no way did you look fat–honest!)

  28. The shirt was a cool, but I could tell it would look better off camera. You did great. I would die on camera.

  29. The blouse was fine, hells bells, when you are as cute as you whose looking at the blouse.
    I don’t do nails. never have. I LURVE pretty nails—but they just don’t work for clumsy ol’me.
    BUT I AM going to go get some Sally Hansen tan spray —for my legs, and all the spider veins that looks like a map around the world.
    and IF I WASN’T ALREADY A NATURAL BLONDE, I’d have to get some of that root cover up.(tee,hee)

  30. I always knew I’d have at least one famous friend! You rocked! I am so going out to buy some of that leg stuff! And it doesn’t matter what you wear, antone can see you’re gorgeous!

  31. You were absolutely adorable and charming. Revlon, Sally Hansen, Clairol (right?) should TOTALLY be sending you ad revenue checks. Do I need to write someone a letter?