You shouldn’t have said that…

Is there anything more lovely than virtual retribution? Poor Jason, the kid doesn’t have a chance. Yes, I sing his praises when he’s earned it, but he lives with the knowledge that his wife is just waiting for him to screw up so she has something good to write about. This one was a doozy. Check out this week’s Regarding Annie column for his latest marital transgression.


  1. Oh Annie, I needed you today, not for any other reason but you always have me laughing.

  2. And you’d think since this is number four he would have learned that vocabulary by now!

  3. I sent my husband a picture and he responded with “you look so uncomfortable…” which translates to my ears as “you look fat, ugly and grotesque…” who cares about the fact that he put “but absolutely gorgeous!” after that line, it didn’t stop the self loathing. 🙂 Loved this article, so true!

  4. That is so funny. But you can never get it right with a pregnant woman unless, no matter how she looks, you look her straight in the eye and say, “You are truly beautiful honey.” Hey I had a mirror, I know I was no raving beauty some of those days. But he must lie like the devil if ever approached with the subject!

  5. Gorging eh………well, it IS gorging for two after all.
    At least you have a REASON for weight gain…..I find myself gorging,….just for the pure pleasure of the gorge. And I am totally disgusted right now as I am sitting here watching Kirstie Alleys show Big Life.
    Makes me NOT want to gorge.

    There should be a “pregnancy thesaurus” out there of words that are acceptable and words that are dangerous. Life threatening.

  6. Wow. Gorging, really? Did he want to die? I think he must have. I don’t think that word is allowed ever.

  7. As always, love it! Have a good week :o)

  8. Woah…….wow. He’s pushing it. That’s pretty dangerous. I do not think that word should be used on non-pregnant women either. Dangerous.

  9. Your sense of humor is a breath of fresh air! I loved it! Thanks for the laugh.