Let’s skip soccer and have a baby shower, plus an insane amount of links

I know, Saturday soccer games are your favorite event of the week, right after clipping your husband’s ear hair. But how about I give you a great service oriented excuse to replace them with?

Tomorrow is the big Service Soapbox March of Dimes Baby Shower for all those diaperless babies. Click on the link to find out the gory details (because I’m too lazy to get all my facts straight). If memory serves, we’re meeting at Noah’s, the party starts at 10 o’clock, and thanks to dedicated mommies like Becca from Blue Cricket Design (if you haven’t seen her blog lately, just go), and Sue who thought the whole thing up, this party is going to be a-rockin’.

And for the record, according to my sources, we’ve got so many sponsors donating lavish gifts for all the guests that with a little application of The Secret, you’re bound to walk away with something wonderful. Seriously, like 90% sure of it. (Plus I might bring Twilight T-shirts to hand out as consolation prizes to all the losers who don’t get picked. I offered them up like twice, but um, no one on the committee seemed to think they had any value. I can’t imagine why…)

And, if you’re looking to meet some fun bloggers, then come to the Women’s Expo today or Saturday and be sure to stop by Blogger’s Row. I’ll be there keeping company with the girls from the Casual Blogger Conference tomorrow afternoon, we’d love to see you.

Oh, and um, would someone please call me tomorrow so I’ll remember to attend all these things? That would probably be helpful. Caio!


  1. Yeah, do you need a text in the morning? See you tomorrow! Woot, woot!

  2. I’ll be in attendance at both things tomorrow. You’ll probably get sick of me.

  3. thats it. Im moving to utah!

  4. Bring the shirts. Heck, WEAR a shirt – the tv crew will be there and maybe you’ll spark a craze. A pregnant, pregnant craze. 😉

  5. If I don’t get one of your shirts as a pity give away I’ll never speak to you again.

    If that isn’t a threat enough…I’ll tell everybody you are really a boring person in REAL LIFE!!! Don’t make me do it Annie…don’t you dare make me follow through with my threat!

  6. So it’s true! Bald men grow hair out of their ears!!!!

  7. It was fun to see you for a sec! My girls were destroying everything so I ran out of there FAST!

  8. You are such a good friend to come and keep me company at the Expo! It was so fun to see your cute little mug on KSL yesterday again. I am totally hanging on your coat-tails, you know that, right?!

    Can’t wait for the weekend and more girl time!