Choking on crow

In case you’re wondering how Harrison’s whole baseball fiasco from last week turned out, check out this week’s column. I’d paste it in but I can hardly stand to relive the event again.


  1. Clearly, you had borrowed a cup of karma from yours truly. I’m the lady who left the nasty, hideous note on the windshield of a truck parked in the handicapped space, and then of course had to drive to another part of the lot to watch when the arrogant, able bodied handicapped stall parker came out of the store.

    And she did. Paralyzed from the waste down, using two crutches and having her groceries loaded into her truck by the store manager. It did momentarily beg the question, “Where were her handicapped license plates or mirror dangly thingie?” But it mostly said, “DeNae should be locked up where she can’t do any more harm.”

  2. That is precisely why Mr. Dadman takes our boy to baseball and I stay home to mind the young ones. The few times I’ve gone I want to kill the kid. Playing in the grass looking for bugs. Watching other teams play in other fields or looking at the clouds and guessing what shapes they are. He’s 10! Poor boy gets stage fright so horrible he doesn’t dare hit the ball when he’s up to bat. At home and away from the game…the kid can hit the ball and make it soar!

    Anyway, sorry to ramble…I relate and I stay home.

  3. hehehe…i think we’ve ALL been there. and been UBER glad when dad comes home. hehehe…

  4. Oh how well I remember those little league baseball games. I had 4 sons……lots of games. Some were all-stars, and a couple were looking for stars. They just wanted to “be there”, wear the uniform, be on a team, and the big reward —go to the snack bar after the game.

    and I have been know to “foam at the mouth” during a few games in my day

  5. THAT was fun to read. To live, maybe not so much, but it made for a terrific article. 🙂