Frozen Yogurt Rip Off

Since I feel entitled to whatever might make me happy these days, I swung into one of those make-it-yourself frozen yogurt shops yesterday.

In case you haven’t experienced the joys of Frogurt, or Yogurtland, or one of their many, many yogurt related relatives, here’s the deal. For a cool thirty-something cents an ounce, you choose a yogurt and pile on as many toppings as you’d like, with no one around to skimp you or go too light on the peanut butter cups. It’s brilliant, and also costs a small fortune. Who says gluttony doesn’t have a price?

So I’m making my current favorite concoction of peanut butter and strawberry ice creams with Reeses cups, peanut butter chips, and fresh strawberries (I know, my ice cream brilliance astounds you), and I start in with the strawberry ice cream. Now, the secret to these hand crafted beauties is not getting too much of anything so they can’t overcharge you. I like just a little tiny bit of everything, mixed together. I do not need to fill the five gallon container they make available.

I turn on the strawberry and what do you think happens? It gets stuck. That’s right, in the blink of an eye I had three times as much strawberry as I wanted at 35 cents an ounce.

“Um, excuse me, but this machine got stuck and gave me way more than I wanted,” I say to the ten-year-old behind the counter.

“Oh, yeah, it does that.”

“Really? Because I’m now paying for your faulty machine.”

What did she do? She shrugged and went back to picking her nails. That’s right, picking her nails. Stupid ice cream cost me nearly four dollars and tasted terrible. I even glared at her over my pregnant belly. I should have demanded a refund and a sign saying, “This machine gets stuck. User beware.”

I hate getting ripped off.

And now I need frozen yogurt. (Hey, at least I’ve got some motivation to finally get dressed today, right?)


  1. They probably rig it on purpose to make more money, and put some seemingly incompetent employee behind the counter, so people will just go along with it.

    That said, I am not completely craving some strawberry icecream.

    Where is this place again?

  2. Oh yeah, I love those places! Thank heavens that they don’t have one where I live and the nearest place is 2 hours away. I save A LOT of money that way. It is my girls favorite treat, so when we go down to the valley, we stop in and help ourselves. It costs, but when compared to Cold Stone, or Marbel creamery, it is quite a bit less expensive. The trick is in getting the kids not to be, well, piggy about it. Oh well, my favorite is New York Cheesecake yogurt with strawberries, blackberries and slivered almonds! Oh, sob….I need a yogurt!!

  3. Amber texted me this morning, after going into convulsions because of lack of granola with a tiny bit of yogurt, saying that the closest one to her house was in Draper. Which is the one I go to while at work. The workers there are awesome.

  4. Go to the Farr’s frozen yogurt shop in Clinton. They have had the best variety so far. My favorite is the banana yogurt with fresh raspberries, yogurt chips and crunchy sprinkles. Or vanilla with Andes mint chips. My 2 1/2 year old Asher loves it there because of the mini gummie bears. Plus, their service is always awesome!

  5. I would have calmly grabbed another container, syphoned off what amount I didn’t want and proceeded.

    4$ for yogurt? But at least you got 3x the amount you wanted. I swear that’s what I pay for the ‘like it’ size at Cold Stone. But in their defense, it is the yummiest, creamiest, worth-every-penny ice cream I’ve ever had.

    On a completely different note…did you see Eclipse yet?! Awesome.

    • Not to say frozen yogurt can’t be yummy….but if somebody really wants something that makes them happy (I mean, happier than all the Jamba Juice in the world can make you) then you need to come to Cincinnati, Ohio and have some Graeter’s ice cream. Holy Macaroni! You will love it!

  6. So when I don’t want to deal with someone all I have to do is pick my nails? I’m gonna remember that.

    Also, I love the strawberry and reese’s pb combination. It’s like a pb and j sandwich but better!

  7. What is this treat you speak of? I need something refreshing for my taste buds so I don’t KILL MY CHILDREN.

  8. Yum frozen yogurt is the best! I probably would have done as Kelly and just siphoned off the rest into another container and kept what I wanted.

  9. I’m surprised you didn’t just overturn it on the kid’s head. I loved how you said to the waitress the other morning, “I didn’t know this muffin was low-fat. Take it away, and bring me a spice one. With extra lard.” Or something like that.

    Of course, she never did bring your cranberry juice, so maybe they exact their revenge in more subtle ways.

    And I would have tossed the whole thing in the trash and started over. If the clerk protested, I’d have told her, “Oh yeah. I do that.” And picked my nails at her.

  10. A ha ha ha!!! DeNae’s comment had me laughing out loud! I really did text KP and tell her I was in withdrawals. Right before you taunted me by having one in my honor. I thought Yogurtland was pretty cheap…although mine did seem to get gradually more costly. I was proud of that last one. It was huge.

    That’s what she said.

  11. I have never heard of these places. But in regard to your strawberry/PB flavoring….have you had those M&M’s? I invented a cookie recipe around. The flavor combo is yum!

  12. Hmmm.. I bet they rigged the machine just so it would do that. It’s brilliantly sneaky. And now you’ve given me a new craving that I won’t be able to rest until I have satisfied it. Thanks. 😉

  13. my question is why didn’t you get another tub and dump the excess? I mean it wasn’t your fault it got stuck so why pay what you don’t want. And once dumping I would have began picking my nails too, as she glared at me while ringing the correct amount. or let the excess drop to the floor. i bet they would have it fixed very quickly if more people let it fall.