The Final Countdown

I’ve spent a large portion of the past few days watching season one of Prison Break. Considering the fact that I’m currently under house arrest myself, I feel a great kinship with those poor rascals. I’m so involved with this story that my dreams consist mostly of attempted escapes, paired with desperate hunts for a non-existent bathroom. (Don’t worry, so far I’ve managed to wake myself up in time to make the bathroom portion of the nightmare go away.)

Last night I officially hit the final countdown. This always happens right before my baby comes. In a moment, the reality of what I’ve done is suddenly so poignant and so powerful that it takes everything I’ve got to keep myself from breaking into a million pieces.

All I can think about right now are my babies. Have I filled their emotional bank accounts enough? Will they be confident of my undying love for them each on an individual basis? Does everyone have clean underwear?

Jason will be home on Friday night. At the moment, I’m torn between wanting the baby out this very second, and desperately trying to hang on to this pregnancy by the skin of my stretch marks. It’s the oddest mix of emotions I’ve ever felt.

But the good news is that after talking with my mama tonight, we’ve agreed that this time, I can’t do it without her. She’s coming Saturday on Jason’s heels and will be here to hold my hand all the way through.

Hey, I may be having my fourth child, and I may be a semi-mature thirty-something grown-up, but when it comes right down to it, there’s only one person on the planet who would still stay up nights walking the floor for me, will wipe my nose and kiss my cheek no matter how snotty it is, and who regularly fights the urge to brush the bangs out of my eyes. That’s my mom.

God bless mothers everywhere.


  1. Good luck Annie – I hope everything goes smoothly and that mom and baby have a great intro to each other. I’m so glad you’ve made it this far so that Jason can be there! It was pretty awesome of your baby to wait for him, don’t you think? Hang in there…

  2. How nice to finally be so close:) Hope the baby waits for both his (okay—I know you didn’t find out the sex, that just popped out…) dad and grandma as well.

  3. Good luck. I’m so glad your mom can come.

  4. You know I am here for you! You call me anytime. I’m glad your mom is coming. It was good to talk to you yesterday. Even in full crazy pregnant lady mode. 🙂

  5. I love you, and you are a brilliant Momma and a fabulous friend.


  6. Yay for Moms! Yay for your hubby getting home TOMORROW! And Super YAY for getting that baby out!!

    And a p.s. Yay for Prison Break. I watched all the seasons last summer, and I had a secret crush on Michael.

  7. I think you should let Kristina cut the umbilical cord. And do the first week of breastfeeding. Just sayin’.

    You’ve made it, my darling friend! Woot woot!

  8. Annie, I’ve been too busy to comment lately but want to let you know I’m pulling for you. I hope all goes well. And yes, God bless mother’s everywhere! Big time.

  9. Last year when I spent a week in the hospital my mom was there with me night and day. My hubby was in Afghanistan . . . . even if he were here I don’t know that he would have been as willing and able as my mom was. Yes, God Bless her and all mothers!!! I so appreciate that she was there for me!

  10. Yes, thank goodness for mothers!!! Where would we be without them…..

  11. Glad you made it! How sweet to have your Mom there. Hope all goes well!

  12. Sending love and best wishes for baby day.

  13. Annie, can’t wait to hear the news! Good luck with everything tomorrow! I hope you have a very quick c-section recovery!!! Take it easy and enjoy that new babe!

  14. Hooray for hubby coming home! Hooray for having momma there! Best of luck to you, happy recovering.

  15. Oh man Annie, having a baby is such an emotional time…SURGES OF EMOTIONS.
    I love the little tribute to your mom.
    Reminds me of the move Steel Magnolias…… know, when Sally Field talks of the passing of her daughter and says..I was the first one to see her come into this world and the first one to watch her leave. (something like that)

    I hope everything COMES OUT well for ya.

    I’ll share a little something with you. Something that is special JUST ABOUT YOU.
    I remember way back when you responded on a comment on one of my posts and told me YOU NOW PUT ME ON YOUR BLOG ROLL.
    I remember running to my husband and screaming. I’m in , I’m in….wow….I’m in. I made the big time.

    that meant alot to me and helped to build my confidence as a blogger
    just thought a little Joyful thought would be good for you right now.

    thanks….for letting me in

  16. I’m sooooooo excited that you’ve made it to Jason getting home!!! Wow, Annie! That’s completely fantastic! Much love & thinking of you! xoxo

  17. Thinking of you and hoping you’ve had the baby or that you’re close to it! Can’t wait for the update!

  18. Shay Valentine says:

    CONGRATS ! ! ! ! hope all is well