I’ve managed to not have the baby, and Jason will be home in five days. Hurray!

We had another hospital scare on Friday. The doc wanted to keep me and cut me, but I begged and pleaded to go home (because I absolutely love being grounded from all flight while I sit in the lazy boy and watch reruns of Arrested Development) so they gave me a shot of something horrible to stop my contractions (which were accompanied by incisional pain, yikes) and it finally worked. It also made me feel like I was going to have a heart attack and throw up, but all for a good cause.

It’s now Sunday, and thanks to my WONDERFUL FAMILY, who have taken over the care and rearing of my three babies, I have hardly moved a muscle in the past three days. My kids think they’re on vacation all the time. Their fun loving aunts and uncles have filled their lives with activities that their own mother would have never dreamed up on a good day. It is only because of my family that I’ve managed to keep this baby right where it needs to be.

As we all know, I’m a doer. When there are things to get done around here, no sweat, I take the chair by the arm and move it. Right now, I cannot do any of those things. So let me tell you, briefly, about some of the angelic arms that have come to my rescue.

1. My Mother-in-law. While she was in between shifts with the kids the other day, she asked if there was anything in particular I’d like done before the baby comes. I pointed to the dilapidated TV table in my family room, with cables and cases and cookie crumbs scattered underneath it, and told her it was making me insane. Her solution? She showed up the next day with a brand new beautiful consul/shelf for my television (plus really cute boxes), reorganized the furniture/book shelves/paraphernalia in my family room, cleaned the windows inside and out, and left me feeling like I was living in a showroom straight out of Domino. I love her.

2. The girls next door. I’m lonely, I’m alone, and there’s no one here. As the most extraverted individual on the planet, you can imagine what this kind of torment has done to my moral. But, thanks to my darling neighbor girl and her little sisters, I haven’t been alone. They stop in to watch TLC with me and go get me chocolate when I’m sad. I have neighbor girl friends who bring meals without being asked, drop off treats for no reason, and are always willing to send their kids up to help me if I’m in need (thank you, darling Natalie). Plus, my dear Tricia is always ready with some good grown-up conversation and a Big Gulp. I love women.

3. The Scouts. After a month and a half of neglect, our property is so full of five foot weeds (including lovely little plants like Night Shade) and brambles that it’s nothing short of a community embarrassment. I know my husband will take one look at it, kiss me, and ditch all of us for his weed eater. So, with more than a little chagrin, I finally called the young men in the ward to see if they could help me tidy it up a bit. Thanks to a crew of men and boys and two hours of manual labor, I now live in the Garden of Eden. Seriously.

I cry a lot right now, but it’s not all bad tears, so don’t worry. Don’t know when I’ll make it downstairs to blog again, but know that I am doing great and hanging on for dear life until next Sunday. With so much love and support from my family and friends, I can do this. Please pray that I can do this.


  1. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I need to come up and see you!

  2. What a wonderful BUNCH of helpers and angels who are there when you need them.

    It’s ok to cry alot right now. and it sounds like you also have had plenty of shoulders.
    take care of yourself
    good luck to you and your baby!!!!!!

  3. I have to echo what Wendy said! Except to add that you need to eat more chocolate bon bons.

  4. You can do it! Just keep telling the baby it needs to cook a little longer. Have I ever told you, by the way, your blog is the best free birth control ever? And that’s a good thing 🙂

  5. I’ve done a lot of crying lately, too, and I’m not even pregnant. You’re in the home stretch, baby! Chin up! (And maybe I’ll have my meds checked…)

  6. Watch out for the full moon tomorrow. I’m hoping it makes my baby come…but your baby obviously needs to wait a little longer….like until your hubby returns! I’m glad that you have so many wonderful people around to help you out! Keep being amazing, even if you think you’re just being a blubbering mess on the couch!

  7. Push it in, shove it in, wwaaayyy in! How’s that? Maybe that will help until Sunday. & thank heavens for your wonderful helpers. All our fingers & toes (& even a few arms while we’re kneeling) are crossed for you too.

  8. Would you like some company tomorrow? I can bring Cafe Rio and hot dogs for the munchkins.


  9. Many prayers that baby stays put until Daddy gets home. Best of luck to you!

  10. Harrison, “Me Rex”, and Junie had a blast at the zoo. Harrison wouldn’t let go of the map, Rex would get to one animal and say, “Okay what animal is next, Aunt Hayley???”, and Junie, well, she was just stinking cute, but her favorite part of the day was the hot tub. I love your kids and can’t wait for #4 to be here. Love you Annie!