Shower the love, baby

Today I discovered a little piece of unappreciated Heaven.

Due to the budget, and all the small sticky hands constantly clinging to my apron strings (no really, June has a thing for pulling on them), I don’t really do the whole pedicure/manicure/masage bit. In the past three years, I’ve had one pedicure. Doesn’t happen often.

But today the stars alligned, and I snuck twenty minutes to reacquaint myself with that wonderful, Heavenly gift that comes out of the bathroom. My shower.

Honestly, I am kind of in love with showers right now. Who needs a massage when you can stand, buck naked, under a shower of hot, steaming water, slathering your body with delicious smelling Equate knock-off body wash, completely uninterrupted? (For the record, the uninterrupted part only happens occasionally, but when it does, it so rocks.)

See, as girls there’s nothing better than a weekend shower to excuse us from all parenting. “Oh, sorry honey, I just have to shave my legs. You’ll have to change her…” Me and showers are Jason’s least favorite combination right now. Girls have so many excuses to stay in the shower, so many opportunities for necessary hygene, men can’t hope to compete.

And the best part? When you’re unwillingly about to step out but you suddenly remember: You forgot to condition your hair. Awesome. That’s at least another five minutes (because we all know conditioner needs time).

You can keep your massages, I get to shower on Jason’s dime at least five times a week.

(If I’m lucky.)


  1. I’m surprised he hasn’t said, when you say you are going to take a shower, “What a coincidence! So am I.” Not that I would know from personal experience, or anything.

  2. I love love love hot showers! But getting out is the worst. Then you have to go back to real life and do things like blow dry your hair. Hate that.

  3. I’m with Kristina. I avoid showering any time Nathan is home because he somehow assumes that means he gets to shower too, hairy legs or not. And of course no matter how innocent he acts, he’s always hoping that whole showering thing will lead to something other than intensive conditioning treatment…

    I lock my door when I shower with the kids around. I’ve become an expert at tuning out the pounding and yelling. So far the door has stood up to the pressure. We’ll see how much longer it lasts!

  4. I’ve never had a pedicure, and only got a manicure before my wedding. Showers can be truly blissful, though I prefer a good soak in the tub with a book for serious me-time.

  5. Lol I used to stick Emily in front of some mind numbing tv show with some kind of snack, Bring into the bathroom toys and a buzz chair or exersaucer and voila Megan would be happy while mommy would get at leat 30 minutes of hot bath time, after 30 minutes or so shed be sad or trying to throw herself in the tub with me. Good memories 🙂

  6. I too lock my bathroom door when I shower. My kids hear the water turn on and it’s like Pavlov’s dog. They need something and no matter what it is, it’s urgent.

    Here’s my rule. Feel free to institute it at your house:
    “Is someone bleeding? Dying? Is there a fire? Is Ed McMahon standing on the porch with balloons and a check for a million dollars? No? Then it can wait until I’m out of the shower!!!”


  7. I think I need to invent more reasons to shower. This made me want lots and lots of time to chillax while hubby takes over.

  8. I’m with you. I love love love my long hot showers. They usually don’t come until the boys naptime, because I’m a big fan of uninterrupted shower time that doesn’t end with me coming out and seeing what my boys have destroyed during my time of bliss.
    (plus then DH is at school or work, and I can have alone time. Mmmm…alone time…)