Really Big News!!

We’re moving!!! Away!!! From Utah!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

Let me step back. I know that many of my dear friends all over the country would kill to be here, and I don’t blame them. The weather is fantastic (to me), the people are swell, and just about every mormon on the planet has connections somewhere in the Salt Lake Valley.

But I. Have. Wanderlust. I’ve lived in this house, on this street, for four whole years. In my world, that’s a really long time. We’re young, we’re healthy, our kids haven’t developed any opinions yet–either we get a little adventure in right now, or we’ll have to wait until they’re grown up and gone (we’d like to do both).

So my husband put our short list in last month, Germany was at the top of our list. We were there when Harrison was a baby for just shy of two months on a TDY, and have been dying to get back ever since. Both Jason and I love to travel, and it’s time to cross the pond and see what’s on the other side.

Last week the Man in Charge (not Santa) called Jason to inform him that we’d been assigned to Turkey. Personally, when Jason called me I thought he was joking. We’d half-heartedly put Turkey on our list, thinking that Germany was the obvious choice for us, only to discover that only idiots put down Turkey, because they’ll send you there every time.

It was touch and go there for a few days, as I fretted and stressed about my babies in a country that “doesn’t have that much terrorism”. When I heard I couldn’t hold hands with Jason in public, I knew we were in trouble.

But, the big prayers worked, and we’ve been stationed at Little America (aka Ramstein Germany). We were hoping for a smaller base, but let’s be honest: this is great news! (I’m using exclamation marks, I never use exclamation marks.)

We leave in July. I guess my biggest struggle will be staying dialed in until we move. I’m already there in my head.

I love there.


  1. AWESOME Annie! Maybe we’ll have to come visit. Our last planned trip to Germany got pushed to the side when our daughter decided to get married!!! And I always use exclamation points!!!!!!!

  2. How cool! What a great opportunity for your family 🙂

  3. OK, this is actually GREAT news! (For you. It sucks for us.) I think you’re really going to love it there. I’m including two links: One is to my cousin Jessica’s blog, and the other is to her friend Brooke’s blog. They both lived in Turkey at the same time, and they will have all sorts of things to tell you about the experience. (Jessica even had a baby there – and named him Noah!)

  4. Wow! Turkey?! That’s incredible. You guys are so brave. (I am exclaiming these sentences in my head—but trying to tone down on my own exclamation point usage.)

    July is far enough away that we might actually get to meet before you leave, right?

  5. Whoa! Big news, indeed! TURKEY?! Wow!

    I’m a homebody–I’d love to travel for visitation purposes, but I wouldn’t want to pack up and leave. Roots go to deep.

    Glad you’ve got that wanderlust bug!

  6. Congratulations! My hubbie is in a similar line of work (I’m guessing) and while we’re going to Guinea for our first overseas assignment, we are desperate to make it to Turkey someday…hopefully soon. I’m so excited for you! (and jealous.)

  7. That’s really cool! Some friends of ours just vacationed in Turkey and loved it. I’ve read a lot about Pamukkale’s hot springs, they look so beautiful. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to go there! I look forward to reading about your adventures there!

  8. I was just telling a friend about you, last night, and how you were freaking out about Turkey. She’s lived in Germany and Italy, and has traveled all over Europe, and she said that Turkey would be awesome.

    But I know you were really nervous, so yay for Germany! Boo for moving.

  9. What’s it like to have children without opinions?

  10. You’ll love it! My friends went there last summer for their 20 year anniversary, and loved it.

  11. Did I miss something????? Isn’t Ramstein Germany????? (notice my question mark usage, HA!)

  12. So, SO exciting! I am sort of getting that way as well. I do love our neighborhood (heck, we’ve moved within our ward three times!) but I am starting to ache for a little adventure. We shall see what happens when Nathan finishes his eMBA. Perhaps we’ll come live next door to you–or as close as we can without being on base. GOOD LUCK!

  13. You are way more adventurous than me, but I grew up moving around so I like staying put for awhile. I know you will have a great time and make so many memories.

  14. I would love to go to Germany. I’m sure you will love it there.

  15. So happy for you that Germany worked out! I guess the hand-holding is still an option? Congratulations! I hope your blog will still be up at at ’em!

  16. I’m jealous. I would love to live overseas for a few years. Just think of the weekend trips you can take. “Oh Sweetie, I feel like some great pizza. I heard of this great little restaurant in Rome. Want to try it out?”

    My German exchange student thinks it’s hilarious that in 12 hours, we are in California, but in the same amount of time, she can be in England!

    I’m also happy that Turkey is not happening. I would fear for you.

  17. stephandlance says:

    Congrats Annie! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures there!

  18. I’m flinging many jealous thoughts in your direction. That’s awesome. Totally totally awesome. We’ve been seriously thinking about moving lately too. But more to somewhere like Texas. Which is like 1/877 as cool as Germany. Yeah, I’m totally jealous.

  19. I’m trying to be really happy for you, but mostly I’m just jealous. Because my children are starting to have opinions, and we’re here.

  20. How fun! Especially exciting like you said to get it in now while the kids are young. So excited for you guys.

  21. Congrats, Annie! That’s great news. Good luck!

  22. Fun!

    I would say I was going to miss you, but I pretty much only “see” you online, so, business as usual, then?

  23. I have really good friends in Germany. I have always wanted to go. You will love it, I am totally sure!!

  24. I am NOT kidding when I say I will have no problem (zero, zilch, nada) dialing you for a place to stay during our next trip to Europe.

    That’s not a problem — is it?

    I’ll have to make sure you don’t try and desert your kids by hiding in my luggage while I traipse around the EU.

  25. Melanie Jacobson says:

    Congratulations. I spent exactly 22 hours in Germany and loved all of them.

  26. athena wangsgard says:

    I’m so excited for you and your family! I’m all about adventure and I personally LOVE exclamation points!!!

  27. I’m sad for me. But I’m happy for you. We’re going to have to make the most of these next few months while we are only 10 minutes from each other (and 5 minutes from Zupas).

    PS I’m so glad it’s Germany and not Turkey. Guten Tag!

  28. We lived at Ramstein for 3.5 years 1988-1991. We were there before and after the wall fell, and for the first Gulf War. My husband was the Bishop of the ward during the war – that’s a whole other story. But, you will love it. We lived on base as 3 of the 4 kids were in school. I could live on base, or in the car. When all the lockdown for the war happened, I was so grateful to be surrounded by a fence and 19 year olds with guns. K-Town community is great! The Baptists used to have Mothers’ Day Out every week. Check it out – it’s my favorite thing about Baptists.
    We went to Incirlik, Turkey (space A!) for 8 days. Without the kids. It was great fun, but I would NEVER want to take kids there. It’s dirty and Incirlik was far from anywhere. And all the jobs SUCK -gone all the time, terrible hours, etc.

  29. WOW!! That is pretty exciting news! Thank goodness for the world of blogging so we can still keep in touch with you (and live vicariously). Turkey does have internet, doesn’t it??

  30. Congratulations on the upcoming move. I hope you know I expect you to become my link to good chocolate. 🙂

  31. Oh wow, that’s really great news for you. I’m so happy for you guys. Glad your prayers were answered and it’s Germany not Turkey, what a little Christmas blessing ✿

  32. Not that it helps you but my husband speaks German. And I can count to ten in German. It’s obvious who your first house guests in Germany will be.

  33. Still frowning. I don’t care how excited you are. I’m choosing to be selfish and hate this. You, I love. You moving to Europe? Not so much.

  34. YAY – I am so excited for you and your family! I wish I was still in Switzerland so we could connect. I can not wait to hear about your DE adventures!

  35. Annie, We lived in Schwedelbach for 4.5 years…about 2 miles from Ramstein. I have friends over there again – yes, lots of Mormons there, if you want to talk to anyone, let me know. I would die to go back, but my hubby finally retired after 36 years active duty. I’m so happy for you. Turkey is wonderful too.