And the number one downside of a sinus infection is…

So, you know how some times I give too much information? Now that this has gone out in print to X number of readers who didn’t ask for it, I’m wondering if it was such a good idea. Oh well, it’s fish paper by now. Here’s last week’s column.

“I am sick. And tired. For the last four days I’ve been fighting the nastiest cold this side of the Great Meltdown, and it’s winning. I finally came down with an ear infection last night and am pleased to announce that I can now justify antibiotics. (Feel free to insert any homeopathic methods in my comment box).

But the worst part of this cold has been my sinus problems. I can’t smell a thing. On the one hand, this rocks. I have zero appetite because everything tastes like paste. On the other hand, I can’t smell. Anything. In just a moment, you will see that this is a major problem.

So yesterday morning I dragged myself out of bed at seven and spent an hour getting everyone fed, nursed, brushed, coated, and out the door so I could make my 8:15 doctor’s appointment. It will not surprise you that this meant no shower for Mommy; with four children who range from completely incompetent to frequently obstinate, that’s no surprise.

I visited the doctor (note to self: next time don’t wear girdle to doctor’s appointment), then ran like a demon to meet some of my girlies for an early playdate. We crowded into a table at McDonald’s and spent the morning talking about how stupid they think it is that I’m moving to Germany. I will miss my wonderful girls.

I went about the day with my usual list of to do’s and didn’t actually make it home until 2:30. By then I decided the shower was a distant dream, and my hair would have to wait one more day for a good wash (it was day five–one of the upsides of extremely damaged hair is its inability to produce enough oil to matter. I love shower caps.).

Harry came in an hour later crying with an ear infection, so we threw everyone in the car and snuck into the pediatrician’s office just under the wire–me and all four of my children. It was a good thing we went, Gigi also has an ear infection.

By the time I dropped off all our prescriptions at the pharmacy, it was dinner time. We went to Wendy’s, picked up our meds, and raced home to make Harry’s 6:30 piano lesson.

When I finally saw Jason at 7:00 I was completely frazzled. I took my hungry baby downstairs, crashed on the couch to nurse, and let him handle bedtime.

He walked into the basement at 7:30 and looked across the room at me.

“Um, honey?” he said, “So, did you make it to the shower today?”

“Are you kidding? Do you have any idea how crazy my day has been? Why? Do I look that bad?” I thought of my thrashed hair, smudged makeup, and shirt covered in spit-up. Yeah, I looked horrible. It happens.

“I hate to tell you this,” he said, “But I can smell you from here.”

And that is why sinus infections stink.”


  1. Awwwwww. I hope you start feeling better.

  2. Oh, my. On the plus side though my little bout w/ something similar led to a 8 lb weight loss in 5 days. See, there are good things to feeling like crap.

    Hope y’all get better quick.

  3. Well, you looked great on Saturday! Loved seeing you. I ran into another blogger the last time I was at Ikea, too. What are the odds.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  4. I loved the recap of your day and who says mommies aren’t busy? I guess people without kids would be surprised how often a day like that ends up being the complete norm.

    BTW, how often are you at IKEA, girl?!

  5. I seriously love you. And you should consider it to be a blessing you can’t smell yourself. Imagine if you had to not take a shower knowing how awful you smell.

  6. I can’t stand not to take a shower every day, its a rarity for me not to shower, maybe I’m smellier than most people? hahaha

  7. Someone needs to have this same conversation with my ex-father-in-law. Yikes.

  8. Oh Annie, you make Mondays worth getting up for–and even showering for. I am a big fan of the shower cap too! No wonder we are friends!

  9. That’s so funny! I love honest husbands!! Hopefully you get to grab a shower soon!

  10. That’s kind of hilarious:) In an embarrassing way, of course. I hope you, and your whole family, start feeling better soon!

  11. Was that what I was smelling over here? ;->

  12. Just think – it only gets better!