Rocking the center piece

With two days left to tie up all the last minute wedding details I’ve invented, things are a little nutso around here. The past three weeks have been delightfully insane. They’ve included multiple coupons for JoAnn’s and Michael’s, power tools, favor call-in’s, hot glue guns, and enough spray paint to make Al Gore cry real tears.

All in all, it’s been one of the greatest creative outlets I’ve found to date. In my next life, I’m going to be a wedding planner.

To give you a little glimpse into the insanity, I’ve decided to post a step by step look at the creation of the center pieces. I’ve made 11 of these babies, and it all started with a tree.

This one lives in my front yard.

I headed out, big fat cutters in hand, and trimmed off a substantial bushel of branches to take back to the kitchen, where I cleaned them up. Don’t they look inspiring.

Then I took these flowers from the dollar section and popped the heads off. I pulled out the Burn Man and hot glued them in no apparent order on a few select branches. Cue ambulance.

Here’s where I got really tricky. With a little help from my favorite spray gun and Walmart’s Hi-Ho Silver spray paint, I found the perfect balance of early spring silver buds. Watch.

Pretty, right? At this point I went out to our very small wood pile in the garage and rummaged around. I found a few uncut logs, took them to my wonderful neighbor guy who’s retired with a saw, and had him cut them into stumps. To make a long story short, we drilled holes in the top, wove our magic wands over them, and presto! Really cool center pieces.

I did the math, each of these girls cost us (DeNae) right around $12, minus 7 years off my life for power tool PTSD. But really, so worth the sacrifice in the end. (They’re so lovely in person, the red table cloth doesn’t do them any favors.)

And BTW, if you’re available this Friday morning and March 3rd and would be willing to help, please email me at I could use a few more girls who Like To Do Wedding Crap to help with setup since I’ll be gone on the big day. (Barbaloot, your email address apparently hates me. Will you give me a holler?)

It’s going to be fabulous.


  1. So pretty!!

  2. check you out! I miss my Annie but now that i know she can rock a can of spray paint I feel even more in love! I miss you my dear!

  3. Ok, those are so darling!!!!!!

    You are too creative for words. I dont think you should come back as a wedding planner……you should totally redesign Michelle Obamas residence.

  4. Beautiful! I’m so excited! And I hope your readers understand what an amazing friend you are. I didn’t have to ask for this help; I was going to settle for plastic tablecloths and jars of purple and white jelly bellies. I know. Sad, huh? But then Annie just said, “I’m terribly sorry, your pitiable plans will never do. Leave it alllllll to me.” And she’s come through, in spades!!

    Love you, Annie!!

  5. You truly RAWCK that glue gun! The centerpieces look lovely & @ the price you quoted, even more amazing.

  6. I am in complete awe! I wish I would have known you 13 years ago! I decorated like DeNae!

  7. I really, really love you. I mean, I really loved you before but now it’s like…a lot more. You really are an amazing friend!! Thanks for being so good to my sister. You’ve definitely learned the way to my heart: be good to my family.

    I’ll be there on Friday. I can’t believe you won’t be there on the day of the wedding! I’ll take tons of pictures of everyone’s delighted faces as they gaze at the beauty you’ve created.

    See ya Friday!!

  8. They really are stunning.

    BTW, the guest book came yesterday. I was so confused. Why the hell am I getting a book with a picture of a silhouette of a man and woman kissing? And then I realized what was going on.

  9. Nice job! I have less creativity than those zoo elephants who paint.

  10. Oh my pretty! I’m so excited- I love weddings!

  11. Why would my email hate you? Not cool. How about try bdayton93 at gmail. It’s usually a little nicer.

    Also, you’re a creative genius. In a million years I would not have begun to think of what you did.

  12. Hey, pretty! These are going to look lovely on the tables and not block conversation. 🙂

  13. Melanie Jacobson says:

    Oh, fantastic. Now you are making me wish very, very hard that you live down here so I could pick your brain for the centerpieces at my spring fling party.

  14. I used to want to be a wedding planner and have my own reception center. But, after marrying off 4 kids, in 5 weddings in nine years, I was SICK of Bridezillas and all things involving weddings. Let me just say that Becky, at White Willow in Provo, gives me a discount now.

  15. You really do win the best of friends award. I don’t think I love anyone enough to chop down trees and spray paint and glue flowers. But I’m so glad it makes you happy. 🙂

  16. what day is the wedding. HOW AWESOME that you are helping out and these center pieces totally rock. !!!!!
    You would make an awesome wedding planner…much cooler then Jennifer Lopez .(um, did you see that show??)
    I kinda want a big party at my funeral…..would you like to be the funeral planner (tee,hee) I want an open casket with colored magic markers —-just put me in a pine box…so people can write cute messages on the coffin. How fun.

  17. You had some great creative juice going with your creation! I am going to put it in my wedding arsenal idea book!

  18. Wow, Annie! I didn’t know you were so crafty! That’s a cute idea, I might have to try it…I’m not very crafty!!