Calendars can be so stupid

Ever feel like the calendar is a big fat liar?

Today is my mother’s birthday. According to her birth certificate, she’s getting older, but I could swear we were the same age. My mom is my best friend (next to Jason, who’s her exact male counterpart). Honestly, there’s no one I’d rather talk to, shop with, be called on the carpet by, or phone. I love my mother.

I hate that the world says she’s getting older, because I don’t want her to ever die. She is a true student of life. There’s not a soul on this earth more determined to learn the things God wants to teach him/her (except maybe my dad, who’s adorable and intelligent and her perfect match).

You hear about older people getting set in their ways? My mom is constantly shaking off the shackles of bad habits and trying to make the most of her time here on this Earth. Because we all know, “Habits rule your life!”

All I know is that when I’m…older…I want to be like my mother. I never want to give myself permission to know everything. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone from a different generation and feeling like the entire conversation is one big patronizing lecture. Thank you, Mom, for rarely doing that.

Happy birthday, you beautiful young thing.


  1. The perfect post for your mom. I must meet her someday!

  2. Denys Gallentine (Brumbaugh) says:

    Happy Birthday Diane! Sending hugs from Cali! Love your new site Annie 🙂

  3. What a wonderful way to wish your mom happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Annie’s Mom!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom. Today is my birthday too! It’s a good day on the calendar to be born. 🙂

  5. You and your mom are like two little peas in a pod. And T minus 100 minutes!!! Can’t wait to see you!

  6. I feel the same way about my mom. Her and my husband are the same. I always joke that some people marry their dads. I married my mama. Works out well when I need to make him a turkey sandwich. I can ask her how she likes hers made. Lol.

    This post made me smile. I come across many people who don’t appreciate their moms. Happy birthday to her. Have fun enjoying her for many, many years!!!

  7. I used to look forward to getting older, but now that my grandparents are starting to get mean and having older people mental instabilities, its starting to terrify me. I totally get what you’re saying about your mom, I have that kind of relationship with my almost-perfect mom too. I hope I can be like her, actually I hope I can use her example and be even better!

  8. I don’t have this with my mom at all and I’m always resentful and jealous of people who have awesome mamas. HOWEVER, I try very hard to be the kind of mom whose daughter might someday say this. Fingers crossed. They say you get two chances at the mother-child relationship and you have total control the second time.

  9. Very sweet.
    Hurray for great moms, I have one too 🙂

  10. Thank you Annie. We have had a ball together! I’ve learned a ton from you as well. I am eternally thankful the foam didn’t work! Hugs and hugs, Mom

  11. And now my own comment goes like this: I must meet your mother before you leave! She sounds like so much fun. My mom is my best friend, too. I’m always astounded at how much I really do love that woman. And she loves me. The bond between mother and daughter is a unique gift I’ve heard enough about your mama from you to know that I love her, too. Hope her day was great!

  12. Great post. While my mom seems to differ from your mom, I definitely agree with 100% with your first paragraph and the first line of your second. I hate that she is 25ish years older than me and eventually I’ll have to face her death. I know I’ll never be ready.