Apparently, we weren’t invited.

The wedding. We waited, we watched, and we all set our DVR’s for 2:00 am (or in the case of my father, fell asleep on the couch and claims to have “watched the whole thing”).

I have to say that although the world is yelling about the majesty of Kate’s simple dress, I was kind of…underwhelmed. In fairness, no one could have topped Diana’s debut, that princess brought the wedding world to a halt with those magical sleeves. But even so, if Kate’s veil had just been uber long to match her train, I might have been a little more satisfied.

(Then again, it’s her wedding so I should probably shut up now. She looked beautiful, the boy loves her, and I’m now renewing my Stop Judging Other People’s Wedding Choices resolution.)

On a more unsettling note, having just watched (fast forwarded through) six hours of some serious red carpet British hat drama (did you see that pink thing sitting behind The Queen?), is it just me, or were the Americans left off the guest list? I didn’t see a Kennedy, a Clinton, a Bush, or an Obama. Where were we? Are they still mad about the tea? Cause I think we’ve made up for that little misunderstanding by now.

Heck, we had three really tacky knock-off weddings going on almost simultaneously in Time Square, just to celebrate their royalness. You’d think they would have found a way to include someone from our side of the lake, just to be friendly. Didn’t William go to summer camp with Chelsea or something?ย What about Mike Meyers? Isn’t he kind of British sometimes?

And you know it’s bad when the King of Tonga is invited, but all the Americans are huddled down in Florida with their Snuggies watching the wedding on the big screen.

I remember when I was in fourth grade, I didn’t get invited to a friend’s birthday party. Let me tell you, that totally sucked and I think I responded by ignoring her at recess for four days. Suffice it to say, the royal newlyweds probably won’t be getting any more DVD’s from our White House Representatives any time soon. Yeah, say goodbye to Vampire Diaries, Season One baby. We’ll be keeping our high class entertainment all for ourselves.

(BTW, do they have Netflix in Germany?)


  1. I will make sure you get Hoff care packages in Germany. Has House Hunters come knocking yet?

  2. I have yet to watch it but watch it (at some point) I will, if only to catch sight of the hats. I’m happy to keep the quality entertainment all to ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Mike Meyers is Canadian.

  4. I didn’t love her wedding dress either. I liked it, but didn’t love it. But I did like her evening gown- that was gorgeous.

  5. Well, if Fergie, the Duchess of York wasn’t invited, then I suppose its not so surprising we weren’t. I thought her dress was beautiful, but not so sure it was “princess” worthy. I want to wear big hats, I’m going to have a Kentucky Derby party I think…and I’m going to talk in a British accent because that just makes it better.

  6. YOU…did NOT get invited. Are they totally unaware of your regalness…..and I don’t know about your hat style, but you can ROCK the stilletoes. Sheeesh, those silly Brits.

    I loved watching it however, as I am a junky that way for royalty, pomp and ceremony and goofy hats. I think each hat should have a width and heighth requirement……..

  7. You really didn’t like the dress? I thought it was stunning.

    • annie valentine says:

      I liked it, it suited her wonderfully, but it just fell short of that princess factor for me. I felt like we’ve kind of seen it before and I was expecting something otherworldly. Also I have unreal expectations about most fairy tales (Rapunzel’s hair could have been longer, right?) so don’t listen to me.

  8. Dianne says:

    The King of Tonga was invited because Tonga is part of the British Commonwealth. It’s nothing personal ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. For all our American TV fixes, we’ve got a “VPN” that enables us to watch netflix and hulu online. There’s also the “Slingbox” option you could look into. Essentially you set up a box at a friend or family’s home there in the great US and you have a receiver box here on the other side of the pond. It works like or functions like DVR from what I understand. I know there’s some more options outside of AFN – will you be living on or off post? We live off post so we get less channels via AFN satellite/box than those that live on. I hope that’s helpful!

    • annie valentine says:

      The man already has a Sling box, I didn’t realize it worked that far away. BYU football, here we come.

  10. Apparently, I’m the only one who missed the royal wedding because I didn’t think to use the DVR, and thought that if I turned the TV to any random channel Friday night, there would be a re-run. At least on Oprah they all wore big hats, and ate Kate’s favorite candy, and got fake rings… I felt like I at least got invited to Oprah’s party… which reminded me of the party I threw for me and a few other friends who didn’t get asked to Prom…
    And as far as the dress- I was actually surprised that it was as “princessy” and traditional as it was. I was afraid they would try to be too modern, so I was happy to see the long train- during the 30 seconds of it that I got to see.
    Maybe America needs our own royal family- but my sociology teacher said that this was why we care way too much about our Hollywood stars, to make up for our lack of a royal family to care about. Hence our obsession with Bradelina, and Bennifer…. (somehow I don’t think it’s the same!)

  11. Slate had a great article about Kate’s dress – – the author is hoping Kate will end the Porno-Chic fancy dress craze. While I agree with you Kate’s wedding dress lacked some over-the-top-magical Je ne sais quoi (heh heh), I also agree with him it was classy and better than a lot of alternatives.
    I didn’t watch the wedding or tape it but from all the photos, hadn’t seen one Yank face in the crowd, now you mention it. Harrumph!
    I think Dr. Seuss came back from the grave to design a couple of those hats as revenge for the Americans being snubbed.

  12. I noticed the marked absense of ‘all things American,’ too. Did you see that the actor who played Johnny English was there? I kept hoping he’d swing down on one of the drapes and knock Princess Eugenie’s roller coaster hat off her head.

  13. DeNae, how did you not love that hat??? It was the absolute BEST!!! Seriously, that one and the red one were my faves!!

    I read that they didn’t want a “celebrity wedding”. Meaning that they weren’t going to invite famous people just because they were famous. I was just a small, cozy 1,900 of their closest acquaintances, wedding. Speaking of non-famous people at the wedding: Is David Beckham the most adorable man, ever?? Seriously, he looked soooooo good!!!

    And I loved everything about the wedding. A couple things I thought they could’ve improved were 1. I wish William would have turned around to watch her walk down the aisle and 2. the kiss could have had more….SHAZAM to it. Other than that? Perfection.