When Easter candy meets the scale

I gotta tell you, 48 hours since the eggs have hatched and I’m so sick of broken plastic egg debris littering up my life I can hardly stand it. I cleaned out two grocery sacks full of leftover paraphernalia from my car alone today, and I haven’t even hit the house. I. Hate. Holiday. Crap.

Also, thanks to this past weekend, I’ve once again had to face the fact that I’m prone to Extreme Holiday Treat Consumption (EHTC, which sounds like retching if you try to say it out loud).

There are two schools of thought in the world of weight watching. First, there are those who eat relatively healthy on a day by day basis, then go on periodic holiday/brownie binges, and there are those who enjoy a more indulgent daily calorie count, but go on equally frequent diet binges.

I’m not sure which is actually healthier. Personally, I am a holiday binger.

And I knew I should have bought gross candy this year. If only I’d stuck to jelly beans and Pezz instead of chocolate peanut butter everything, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent my day guzzling water and shoveling down lettuce like a good repentant little bunny. But I couldn’t bear to let someone else enjoy all that lovely candy without getting in on the fat.

Then there were the seven pounds of yams I consumed yesterday (made with sweetened condensed milk, butter, sugar and a brown sugar crumble on top), the non-diet drinks, and the What the Heck, I’ve Already Ruined It bag of easter M&M’s.

The result? I went to bed with a full blown bellyache, suffered with heartburn all night long, and stepped on the scale this morning to see that all this “water retention” has added four (count ’em) pounds to my self-esteem.

This morning, I recommitted myself to feel good eating. I actually threw an entire Walmart bag filled with perfectly lovely leftover chocolate straight in the trash, have consumed more than 64 ounces of water, and fed my sugar craving with BBQ almonds this afternoon.

I’m back on the wagon. Who’s with me?


  1. Wow! You just described my past 2 days perfectly. I had a few too many Easter treats, got sick, threw away perfectly good treats, got on the scale, cried and ate perfectly healthy all day today. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

  2. I’m with you sista! I also go for the holiday binge, and yeah, once you’ve blown it why not REALLY enjoy it, right? This morning found me three pounds of chocolate and polish keilbasa heavier. Nothing but lean cuisines and spinach shall pass my lips this week and its healthy diets until the next holiday. Do they make Memorial Day candy? Chocolate flags, maybe?

  3. I’m with you… one hundred percent. It was a rough week, but today is a new day. It was supposed to be yesterday, but I really mean it this time. TODAY IS a new day. I love that you call if feel good eating… cause seriously all that candy did NOT make me feel good at all. Why do I have such a hard time stopping at just one piece instead of 57? I’m all for eating candy, drinking soda and having a bag of chips when you want chips. I just don’t understand why my body feels like it needs the candy, soda and chips ALL at the same time. Moderation is key. I know this. But sometimes holidays make my brain fuzzy and I seem to forget. But no matter. Because TODAY IS A NEW DAY.

    (Think if i repeat it enough, it’ll stick?)

  4. I’m on! I ate most all of the chocolate candy that I bought (at Smith’s…because who doesn’t want $5 of their next purchase when you buy twenty bucks worth of chocolate!!) before Easter even came! I was lucky that half a bag of rolos and an unopened bag of kit kat fell behind and hid themselves from me, so that we actually had some left to fill some Easter eggs! I guess I could say I didn’t eat it all by myself…my girls had their fair share for breakfast the last couple weeks!

  5. I’m with ya. Just let me finish that last Cadbury.

    I wish I were kidding.

    But good for you! Maybe tomorrow for me….

  6. I am so right there with you, except I sent my Wal-Mart bag full of leftover chocolate to work with my hubby. He has several office mates who either; aren’t married with kids, are empty nesters or have wives that “don’t eat candy”. They are never so happy as when we have a birthday or a holiday involving mass candy consumption. My question is, why do I keep buying it if I’m just going to send it to the office?

  7. I done thrown all ours out too. It’s GONE!

  8. I’m with you! I didn’t eat a ton of Easter candy but I did spend the weekend with Tav’s step mom and she is a freakin’ AMAZING cook!!! Lives on a farm so there’s no “fat-free” anything. Not the mention the chips and other candy I had to eat on the drive to and from Vernal.

    I’m going to California in a month so yeah…I’m with ya!