dipped and saved

Yesterday my boy waded into the waters of salvation and came out sparkling clean.

It lasted 37 minutes.

Let me just say, Harrison was way more ready for baptism than I ever was. He actually prayed on Friday night that he would have joy and happiness when he received the Holy Ghost. I’m pretty sure that if I prayed at all, it was something like, “Please don’t let me drown or get water in my nose.”

So after the baptism Harry’s primary teacher gave him this awesome mini poster board. She’d written a little paragraph and taped a few candy bars onto it for key word emphasis (Symphony, Extra gum, Starburst, etc.). This is because children will read anything Hershey puts on the outside of a chocolate bar. If I ever run for office I will first invent some chocolate peanut butter madness and call it the Votannie Dream. And yes, I’m available for all your wedding planning and campaign needs.

“Harrison,” I said as we left, “We’re going to Chuck-A-Rama and you are NOT allowed to touch that candy until after, understand?” He looked up at me with those beautiful sinless green eyes and nodded. Then he climbed into the back of the Sequoia without a single complaint. Such a little saint.

With 14 people and two cars, we played a quick game of “Shove Your Granny in the Trunk.” Rexy was last to be placed, and I opened the back hatch to toss him in by Harrison.

And there sat my little sinner, covered in chocolate and surrounded by 13 Starburst wrappers.

Today he is taking the sacrament. Apparently he needs it.


  1. I mean it was practically like he was Jesus on the mount, with Satan, in that trunk. Who among us could resist that temptation?

  2. such a cute family picture. Congrats to your little man.

  3. sues2u2 says:

    lol, at least you got a great family pix out of it.

  4. That cracked me up. It looks like you have plenty of time to get your lectures and mother guilty thing honed to perfection.
    You should have never told him to do something so impossible right after baptism.
    It’s you job to keep them from even being close to the chasm of temptation.

    • annie valentine says:

      You’re all totally right, and I think I’ve decided that the sin was mine (especially since I was coveting his Symphony bar; I had big plans for that one.)

  5. Totally love it!! Who could have resisted that anyway??

  6. Ha ha!

    I seriously can’t believe it that Isaac and Harrison are 8! I remember admiring their curly heads when they were together in nursery 🙂

    You have such a cute family! Congrats on the baptism.

  7. That’s awesome. I would have eaten the candy right away too.

  8. What a fabulous family photo!!! I have never seen a photo of the hubby.
    Sounds like it was a wonderful day for that special young man.
    Nothing says dipped and saved like Chuck-a-Rama.

    In fact, gives me an idea. We are leaving tomorrow for Utah to see the kids for a week. I can HARDLY wait. So in order for my hubby to get the true Utah experience…we better go to Chuck-a-Rama

  9. Is Rex smart enough to know he’s not accountable yet? That’s always a fun card to play! (Wait- which one ate the candy? Rex or Harrison? Or both?)
    And… did you get my email? I’m coming to Utah and want to see you!

  10. ha ha! and that’s why I love reading your blog… you are such an awesome writer! congrats to your son!

  11. That is a good looking family you’ve got there.