Mommy on vacation

This was our first day of vacation. Last night we rolled into town at midnight and checked into our time share for a week of bike riding, swimming pools and nature walks.

This morning the baby went off at 6:47 am; ten minutes later June sounded a snooze alarm. I dragged myself out of bed to gather bottles and sippy cups, turned on Nick Jr., and greeted the boys. After breakfast I started a load of laundry and made a trip to the grocery store.

Right when I got home the baby had a blow out, June peed her pants, and Rex enlisted me to help in the hunt for his missing walrus. I transferred the laundry, put the baby down for a nap, and fed everyone lunch.

While the kids enjoyed an afternoon movie I cleaned the kitchen while Jason took a nap (he did the dishes first). I knocked out this week’s deadline and finally got around to washing, drying and curling my hair.

Once the kids made it back I administered two time out’s, made three different dinners, carried my fussy baby around on my hip for half an hour, and got my children ready for an evening swim. I then folded the laundry, put the baby to bed and gathered everyone’s pajamas.

Once the swimmers stormed the castle I got everyone dried and dressed, did family prayer, skipped teeth brushing and sent them off to bed.

And here I sit, completely exhausted.

This feels suspiciously similar to any other Monday.


  1. It’s kinda sad that for mom there’s really never a true vacation. Unless you can leave them with Grandma or they grow up and leave the house, I suppose.

  2. *Laughing* (and also: hope you get a chance to sit down once or twice on your vacation.)

  3. oh, you make me laugh! I think we are seriously considering hiring a babysitter to come to Disneyland with us, and I have been promised a no kids vacation when the baby is weaned. Let’s face it- no matter where you are in the world, summertime means lots of work for a mom.
    Would love to chat more, but the pet is loose in the house, I have laundry to switch, and a fight to break-up!

  4. You are under the sad assumption that moms get “vacation.” They do not. What you are currently experiencing is a “change of scenery.” Until your baby is 10 or so, that is all you will have with the family — a change of scenery. Once you reframe your experience, it isn’t quite so annoying. Been there, done that, now I get real vacations with GRANDKIDS!!

  5. agreed! where’d the VACAY go?! i’d demand your money back…. 😉

  6. I’m thinking about you.

    Is that enough?

    If I were nearby, I’d bring over dinner (or three dinners) and take you away from it all. Don’t we all need a vacation from our vacations?


  7. We recently left everything behind in our home town and moved 3,000 miles away from everything we’ve known. With only a few boxes and our suitcases I still have to clean house….my mother-in-law doesn’t understand how with nothing I still have things I have to do….I have to little boys who do nothing but destroy from sun up till sun down..OH WAIT we are now living in Alaska where we have 19+ hours of sun a day right now….EXACTYLY! I’m with you I need a mommy vacation!

    • annie valentine says:

      Ooh Amber, 19 hours of daylight and I’d be seriously looking into vampirism.

  8. The kind of vacation dreams are made of my dear.

  9. I find vacations exhausting, even now that my kids are much older. Just getting ready to go puts me in such a foul humor I spend the night before every trip trying to come up with excuses for not going.

  10. And that’s why I don’t believe in calling any trip with children a vacation until they are able to feed and bathe themselves 😉 I like the terminology “trip” and your friend’s “change of scenery”. My husband’s going stateside for almost two weeks (few days work and lots of play) and I let him know he can pay me back with a mini-vacation of my very own. In late July when Germany gets a two week heat wave and no AC can be found and I am 8 mos pregnant, he will let me check in to a hotel w/ AC alone for a few days where I can enjoy a good book or two uninterrupted, have room service, sleep in or nap when I want to. There was a time when a meal out w/o kids brought tears to my eyes but the stakes are higher now 😉 Enjoy the vacay moments when you get them!