Leaving my besties

Last night I gathered with a handful of my closest friends, in real life and on the blog. We ate, we laughed, and as hard as I tried to be joyful and jovial, beneath the deep fried shrimp I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that I won’t be doing this again for a very, very long time.

Holy crap we’re moving to Germany in less than a week and I’m leaving my best friend behind.

I’ve got sisters, but we haven’t lived by each other for years. And while I love to talk to them and my mama multiple times a day, they don’t live down the road. They don’t clean the bathrooms with me, or help me sort the seven piles of dirty laundry I like to keep on hand.

I’m leaving one of the best friends I’ve ever had and it’s freaking me out.

Finding a best friend takes time and careful consideration. It’s not something to jump into and once you’ve got one, losing her is like losing a limb. Seriously, Tricia and I see each other more often than the girls on Sister Wives. Costco, Walmart, Savers–I do all my shopping with an extra set of hands. I tried taking all my kids to Walmart yesterday by myself and I almost left June in the restroom for someone to find. Hey, she doesn’t have a microchip and we’re leaving the continent. Believe me, if you could have seen the tantrum she threw in aisle 4 you would have suggested it.

So here I sit, trying to think of something exciting to say. This is going to be the adventure of a life time and I know there are friends to be made and memories to be had. But frankly, with an eight hour time difference and an ocean between us, my friend is about to enter the twilight zone, where we try to call and visit now and then and hope that in five years we’ve managed to see each other at least once.

I’ve got to be honest, Germany is going to be awesome, but it would be even better if I could take my children’s other mother with me.


  1. That kind of a best friend is hard to find, but trust me, you will see her (April, right?) and thanks to technology, talk to her in some way, shape or form at least once a week if not daily. I bet your relationship will grow stronger even though your miles–and Savers–apart.

  2. As I was falling asleep after the get together, all of a sudden it hit me that you are going to be gone for 5 YEARS. I can’t just call you anytime I want to. It made me sad.

    Also, we don’t have your cell phone number. I need it stat.

  3. Wow, reading your post made me cry! I remember the feeling all too well! Having just moved from Oregon to Alaska…leaving behind every member of my family and my husbands family as well as all of our friends….it was really hard. I’m praying that a wonderful sister in Germany is waiting for you…waiting for you to be friend and that you two find each other!

  4. I wish my kids had an other mother. If Tricia needs a new family to adopt, I have some pretty great aisle 4 tantrum throwers that she’ll feel right at home with.

  5. Oh dear…I can so relate. When I moved here I left my best friend of 24 years behind. Her husband called me his “blonde wife” (she is very dark) and her kids are My kids and vice versa. Yes, we talk about once a week……..but IT IS NOT THE SAME, as dropping over and plopping my butt on her couch and venting.
    you will miss her for sure, as well as your other friends, but…..it is the nature of life I guess. You’ll establish new friends, and I think your friendship is probably strong enough to last tye years and miles.

  6. Ever heard of Vonage? It’s an internet phone line and it’s cheap. My In-Laws were called to serve in Tokyo as Mission Pres. and my MIL was stressed and sick and cried. A. Lot. In came my husband (her son) and set her up with a Utah number through Vonage and Voila! Although there is a 15 hour time difference, we can still call them any time we want (as long as they are awake) 🙂 and it only costs them about $26.00/month.

    No Joke. If you want more details let me know!

  7. i had family in town otherwise i would have made an attempt to join in! glad to hear you had fun!

  8. Hey Annie- Duane is going to be in Garmish (sp?) Germany in August for 20 days. Where are you and Jason going to be at? He would love to see you both if possible!