Party tomorrow night

In case anyone else wants to ditch their real life and meet up, we’ll be gathering tomorrow at Chuck-A-Rama in Draper, 7:30, for one last hurrah before my move.

Speaking of my move, why did I think I could sail through this experience without feeling anything? I forgot that I might feel sad/frustrated/fat, I forgot that moving away means leaving my best friend and an entire continent of family members who mostly like us.

Right now we’re in the gray area; stuck in a hotel watching the clock tick until next Tuesday when we fly away. This is kind of like waiting for a lean cuisine to cook when you’ve had nothing but celery and herbal tea all day. Longest four minutes ever.

My computer is dead and I’m using the one in the hotel business center. June and her itsy swimsuit are about to converge on the roomful of men in a business conference next door. Since I’m running around in the same type of clothing, going to get her would be less desirable.


  1. Moving is hard, but it is also a great adventure. It is all in how you look at it right now. I know, I have moved often in my life, and have made many, many new friends. You will too!! I hope you love it where you are going! I hope your heart thrills to the adventure once you get there! Most of all, I hope you make wonderful, lasting, lifelong friendships.

  2. I was going to email you to inform you that the Chucks closes at 9, so we may have to move to Hooters.

    And I’ve been waiting for the emotion explosion. You’ve been way too nonchalant about all this.

  3. Nuts! Tuesday is the one night this week that I can’t meet up! I will miss your awesome shoes and your girdle stories. 😉

  4. I’m definitely hoping to make it tonight…but I’m not a guarantee.