How do you say “pictures” in German?

This is the house where Annie lives.

Here's the front door and our extremely expensive rental car that we finally turned in yesterday.

The backyard goes all the way to the playset, with a large garden behind the tree. There are tons of apple and plum trees that are dripping with fruit. Too bad all my domestic equipment is cruising around the Atlantic on vacation.

Here's the new kitchen, and yes, the curtains have to go.

This is the balcony off the master bedroom. It is so beautiful and so perfectly German I can hardly stand it.


The top of the stairs opens up to four bedrooms. You can see all the kids rooms in this one.


To be honest, we’ve seen some amazing and beautiful new homes since arriving. I don’t think we would have picked this house if we had come over and shopped, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is absolutely, in every possible way, the home for my family. There was a sense of familiarity the moment we walked through the door, and despite our temporary blue plastic couch and thirteen pieces of luggage, every time I pull in the driveway a little voice whispers, “Home.”

This is a place to find happiness.


  1. It’s simply perfect! So cute.

  2. Sweet digs! And HOLY COW, nice yard!

  3. The house is wonderful… and that YARD!! Holy COW!!!!

  4. I really super love it!

  5. ok, it’s quaint & i heart it entirely. you are one lucky family.

  6. Wow! So lucky you found a home, a friend of mine who’s hubby and family are over there via the military, says they are having a heck of a time getting a house big enough for their family of 6. They’ve been looking for weeks. So LUCK-EE.

    This is home for the next 5 years?! Love the yard and yeah for a garden and fruit trees. Wish your stuff would get off vacation.

  7. Keep these photos so you can remember how clean the house was before all your stuff gets there. I look back at the photos of our house when we first moved in and think, “Look how big, spacious and clean it was.”