I think Rex found his angel

Hallelujah and glory on high, Jesus loves Rex.

To be honest, every day I wait on the balcony for my little Rex to come up the street from the taxi with tears streaming down his face because some mean German kid slapped him.

So far I’m always greeted by Puppy Rex who runs to the house on all fours (too much Tarzan?) and proceeds to bark and lick my face, which is kind of gross.

The other day he casually mentioned something about “the most beautiful girl in the world” and how he’s “going to marry her”. I chalked it up to his trip to the pool this summer when he spent an afternoon trying to woo a red-headed 13-year-old girl by telling her repeatedly that she was beautiful and that he wanted to marry her.

Frankly, if some little kid would have told me that when I was a zit-riddled 13-year-old it probably would have changed my life. Go Rex.

Rex takes the taxi to school with five other little outer village children. One of the girls is Julianna, who I noticed on the first day of school. For starters she’s absolutely beautiful. Secondly, her father is American so she’s the only other kid in his class that speaks English.

The moment she laid eyes on Rex I could see that he had found his second mother. She was so sweet and kind to him on that first day, and every time he gets in the bus she gives him a beautiful smile and says hello. (Jason said that she helped him buckle his seatbelt yesterday as well, so cute.)

And so today when the doors opened and Rex stepped inside, he said, “See Mom? That’s her, the most beautiful girl in the world! I’m going to marry her.” Then he proceeded to sit down and buckle up like his declaration of love was no big deal. Julianna kind of couldn’t keep the abashed grin off her sweet little face.

So now we know why my little puppy loves shulle.

(And as far as his peers go, it was probably a good thing for his social status that none of the kids speak English or he might have gotten teased something fierce. Just saying.)


  1. I love it. THis is such a adventure I am loving the updates of the German culture and all. You have always made me smile. Love the new house.

  2. I may be such a boob, but him saying that right there to her face totally made me tear up. You are raising some fine boys there Annie. I hope everything goes fantastic for Rex in German school, your courage to do that amazes me, I don’t think I could at all! I hope everything’s going well for you!