We have company!!

Quick update: I found myself a German pede last Friday and she’s kind of awesome. Even better, she’s only five kilometers away and always gets the Americans in first. This means my little G-String baby girl now has enough energy to try and spew antibiotics in my face twice daily and nothing could make me happier. And holy wow, I didn’t think anyone was reading this drivel any more, thanks for all the feedback and really good ear ache advice –much of which I’ve been passing out to people with phrases like, “My girlfriend said to take some oil/rubbing alcohol/hair dryer…” anytime ears come up in general.

In other super cool news, we had our first company this weekend. It was Jason’s uncle’s brother, Bill, who my kids immediately dubbed “Uncle Billy.” All weekend long it’s been Uncle Billy this and Uncle Billy that. He brought his awesome wife, Waka (or Aunt Billy if you’re Rex) and lovely daughter Amanda for three super fast days in Germany. Hey, when you work for Delta you can swing in like that, catch a castle and a plate of schnitzel, and be on your merry way.

I’ve got to tell you, you want to come see me. We hooked them up with a car, a GPS, a cell phone and two queen sized beds with fresh linens (plus hot German rolls at breakfast). We made them ride the trains, eat donner’s, and sent them home with a suitcase of chocolate to pass out to friends and relatives with a “neener-neener, don’t you wish you were me?” aftertaste.

And the thing that makes them the best company ever (next to you, of course) is their fantastic laid back attitude. We didn’t have to worry that there were toys in the family room or occasional dishes in the sink at night because we knew, inherently, that they weren’t going to judge us. I love that about people who come to visit me. In fact, I think I’m going to put a sign up on the front door that says, “Welcome to our home: as you can see, we live here.”

We’ve done so many fun dinners and parties and play dates and open door events here in the last few weeks, I’m plum burnt out of keeping things in Company Order (which differs from “no one’s going to know if I leave the laundry piles on the couch today” order). I feel like putting up a “Closed for the winter” sign on the front door so I can hibernate with a good book.

Or I could just lock up the castle and go on an 11 day cruise this week. Yeah, I think I’ll go with that one.




  1. Maybe I should see a hypnotist to get this whole claustrophobia thing under control so I can come and eat your buns.

  2. have SO MUCH fun!!!! your company’s experience sounds like the best escape for anyone not already in germany. some day i’ll get to see that beautiful place for myself, in person, not just online via youtube. my mr. wonderful spent a week there. well in landstuhl, before they sent him home to cut him open and discover in fact he did NOT have cancer like they had decided. long story. another day. 🙂 anyhow, he love what little bit he saw outside of the medical post. so i’ve been slightly jealous ever since. someday it’ll all be made right. i’m now jealous of uncle & aunt billy kinda too, as your place sounds like bliss. when you’re back from your cruise, happy hibernating! ::hugs::

  3. You are wearing this “new life in Germany” well my dear. I can’t wait to hear about your trip. Sounds magical for sure.
    don’t put up a CLOSED for the winter sign…for all winter…….or you’ll end up like me. BORED.
    party on

  4. Did you tell Waka and Bill they’re part of your blog? So crazy-I know Waka and saw she was in Germany/Europe recently (via fb). Small world!!! Good luck with the kiddie cruise! and watch out for the food-it’s fabulous!