diet revolution

Isn’t it interesting that while sitting down to compose a soul-changing resolution list, something motivating and poetic geared toward personal peace and happiness, my first entry always begins with the word “Lose…” and usually ends with the word “…pounds”?

I tried this year. I have been wracking my brain for new and improved ways to improve my life, my mothering, my marriage, my home. Upon closer examination it appears that my soul could use a lot of work.

Unfortunately I’m way too wrapped up in my waistline to give my soul top billing.

When I put fingers to keyboard in my yearly attempt at self-betterment this morning, totally intending to focus on the big M’s (mothering, marriage), the only M’s I could think about were the peanut butter ones sitting in the bowl next to me.

“Lose ten pounds” was first on my list. I suppose that wherever #1 on your resolution list is, there your heart is also. Mine is in the candy bowl.

And my obsession isn’t even well-earned. I’ve got four kids and at least half my jeans fit, both my legs work (when walking), nothing wrong with my arms (except the one the doctor set wrong that handicaps me from playing sports with balls), I only lost half my hair with the last baby (2/3 with the June Bug), and I’ve got a collection of stilettos guaranteed to keep the word “drab” out of my vocabulary. I’m doing fine, why worry?

Because I can’t let go of those last ten pounds; usually six pounds but Christmas was kind of tasty this year.

But oh that is going to change. Tomorrow. Tomorrow it will change.

This morning I woke up de-ter-mined to rid my life of toxins like sugar and…well, sugar. The stuff is killing me. Three weeks of reckless abandon has cost me five pounds in the wrong direction. Five pounds! I can’t remember the last time the holidays did that to me.

I had two eggs for breakfast, avoided the cinnamon rolls, left-over pita chips, party punch and bowl of candy, then made the mistake of running off to late church at 1:00 without eating lunch.

Note to self: remember lunch.

By the time we pulled in the door at 4:45 I was ready to eat Jason’s tie. I ran to the kitchen, held the medium bag of M&M’s up to my mouth and poured them down my gullet as fast as my little throat could swallow them.

Tomorrow I’m trying again. Rule #1 of dieting: Do. Not. Get. Hungry.



  1. ha ha…this certianly rings TRUE with me also. I wish it was just 10 lbs for me however…I am looking more at 25 ish. (I think I puked in my mouth a little when I wrote that)
    It just keeps getting HARDER. (that’s my excuse, old age, mebabolism and menopause)
    I dare anyone to challenge me on that ….tee,hee
    I crave Salt more then sugar.
    but I bough some exercise videos while home visiting the kids……….so I’m going to get down with it if it kills me.
    and just incase………… much as I love you, you aren’t getting any of my inheritance.

  2. I can’t stop laughing about the tie part!

  3. About the sugar? You and me both. (just posted about our sugar free week). Good luck Annie!!

  4. I refuse to give up sugar, because I will eventually binge on it. But there will be moderation! and many more fruits and veggies in my future. I’ve got 15 lbs of baby weight to lose!
    Luckily, I just picked up some marvelous stilettos to help me feel sexy. A huge thanks to my MIL for some swing back in my step!

  5. Note to self: Remember lunch is not for dinner after I’ve already eaten dinner and dessert . . .
    Rule #2 of dieting: There’s always tomorrow???????

  6. My resolution sounds the same, as does my shoe collection 🙂 Sugar is on my list as well, and I failed my first day out. Hunger didn’t do me in, but a fight with my husband sent me running for the chocolate oranges. Add some kids in there, and later the gummy worms paid with their lives. I’m thinking this will be much easier when everyone goes back to school and work.