The Salad Episode

So we did it. We taught our children to eat salad.

I came to the dinner table prepared for battle. We had four kinds of lettuce, dressings galore, bacon bits, cheese, chicken, grapes–no way could they hate salad.

And, well, I think it would be best if I just showed you a little clip or two.

But here’s where it really got good.

All in all, it was an absolute success all the way around. We discovered that ketchup is, in fact, an acceptable dressing, and that teaching our kids to eat new foods is as simple as educating them about exactly what and how they’re eating it.

Simple…HAHAHAHA! If that wasn’t an oversimplification I don’t know what was.


  1. Since ketchup is the only “dressing” my son will eat on salad, my husband refers to it as a hearty tomato vinaigrette.

  2. Thanks for posting the videos! It is great to see other parents just being parents too. I have been convincing my daughter to eat salad too with the whole cover up the nothingness of lettuce with delicious dressing method. At least they’re eating the veggies!

  3. My youngest loves salad and will it eat as her main course. The other two…well…it’s a good thing they get a multi-vitamin.

  4. Don’t tell Big Bird, but it looks like Cookie Monster is turning over a new leaf (no pun intended). You’re even making me (our family’s Cookie Monster) hungry for a little chicken/mandarin/ramen/lettuce action.

  5. Love it! Glad that it went well. Enjoy these salad days!

  6. I seriously thought Rex was going for the garbage can. . . a well known trick in our house that my children think I don’t know about. Stuff your mouth full with food and then casually saunter to the garbage can while pretending you are getting a napkin or refilling your glass of milk.
    I say WAY TO GO REX!!