Just another excuse to stomp around the house

Don’t ask me what my problem is, but tonight I feel like a stick of dynamite just waiting for someone to walk by with a cigarette so I can blow their freaking head off.

Why do I do this?

I have great kids. They’re no better or worse than the next kids, and as far as nicely average goes I’d say they do all right. But for some totally illogical reason that probably has part to do with my hormone level and part to do with all the sugar I ate today (seriously, it affects my mood in the worst way) I feel like I’m about to rip somebody’s toes off.

Not that they’re perfect. I made cookie dough tonight so I could send treats back with all the empty pans littering my dining room from the post-accident dinners. I had to run overto the neighbor’s for a moment and when I came back over 2 cups of cookie dough–nearly half of what I’d made–was missing.

This is what happens when you trust an 8 and 6 year old to stay home alone for seven minutes while you run next door to drop something off.

The missing cookie dough (which I hate making and hate baking because I can’t stay out of it) meant that I had barely enough left to eek out the necessary amount of cookies.

So of course I burnt one of the pans because guess what? GERMAN OVENS DON’T HAVE TIMERS.

I think my real problem is that the house is a mess. I love Sundays but I must say that keeping the Sabbath Day Holy (in my case that means taking a rest from my day to day cleaning and cooking) is way harder than spending the day picking up and putting away like usual. My house is trashed and tomorrow is going to be really stupid.

This is a glimpse at tonight’s mood. I am sure that by the time the kids are tucked away in bed and Jason has done the dishes I’ll feel a whole lot better.

Man I wish there was a magic pill for grumpy. I hate grumpy.


  1. Hmm, this is all sounding pretty familiar. Chaos makes me anxious, messy makes me mad, ear splitting noise makes me grumpy and eating sugar sends me over the edge. if you ever find that magic pill let me know. Sometimes I crave those quiet days of single-dom. Other days I wouldn’t give this up for the world. Whenever I pray about it the answer for me is always the same. Love them more. Love them when they fight, love them when they choose cookies over dinner, love them when they mess, yell, and sass. I am working on just hugging them whenever I am irritated. Sometimes those hugs are pretty tight, but it helps me remember how precious they are 🙂

    Sorry about the cookie dough and burnt cookies. So nice of you to send goodies back with people’s dishes.

  2. A house without cookies is like a house without unicorns.

  3. If you ever find that magic grumpy pill, let me know. I need a king-size bottle of them. Sometimes on sundays I lock myself in my room. And I threaten everyone else with, “If this house isn’t picked up by the time I come out again, heads are going to roll, and bounce, and possibly be sold to gypsies.” Also, I hate burnt cookies, so I guess I’m never moving to Germany.

  4. Sounds just like PMS to me. Sorry I’m not there to help. Those little rascals. Reminds me of the time Kerry, Brady and Tim ate a WHOLE turkey on a Sunday afternoon be fore Icould get home to do the fixin’s. I mean they took that thing out of the oven and devoured it. Looked like it had been bleaching in the desert for a while. Remember, this too shall pass. (and you’ll miss it,——–a little)

  5. Sundays are hard for me. I am in this mood every Sunday around 4pm.

  6. Sounds like my Sunday- messy house, kids that eat everything in sight, sugar overload. Add a mother in law. My today has been pretty stupid, good call on that. But hey, tomorrow’s Tuesday and hopefully my juice fast euphoria promised in my stupid new diet book will kick in. Hang in there!!

  7. I’ve been extra cranky lately, too. In fact, as I type this I have a deep scowl on my forehead, and it feels like it’s happy there — like it belongs.

    What I wouldn’t give for a reinstatement of the seventh day Sabbath! Church on Saturday, then a day to recover before the week starts.

  8. When you find a cure to the grumpiness, please pass it along. Sundays, despite it being the sabbath, is the hardest day in my household. I like the idea for Saturday to be the sabbath, giving us a day to catch back up.

  9. you just make me giggle. Sometimes I feel like another life force invades my body….because HOW can someone so sweet and good natured as ME, become a demon. HUH, how does that happen.
    cause it does.
    I need cookies.