Jealousy and The End Of The World

You know how sometimes you’re sitting with a friend talking about how awesome General Conference was and she says how so many of the talks were on envy and wow that’s really a problem and you think meh I don’t really worry too much about that so you say it out loud and she snorts because she knows you so well?

I love April. Nothing like General Conference to reinforce gravity.

I’m happy enough with my lot. I don’t spend very much time reading about or filching details on what other people are doing/getting/spending because I’m pretty caught up in myself.

‘Cause obviously that’s so much better.

But talking to my girlfriend today she made a really good point. “I didn’t think those talks really applied to me,” she said. “I love my life, it’s not like I spend time wishing I had something else. But then when I heard that message the second time it made me think. By the third time…well, let’s just say I’ve got stuff.”

I was listening to conference in the tub tonight–with the time difference I’m not totally through all the sessions yet–and I got to thinking about what she said. Funny, all I had to do was apply a little brain power and I could think of two good handfuls of crap that I need to work on, just in that one area.

I know the Lord’s intention isn’t to bring all our ugly old sins to our remembrance with conference. Actually I take that back, I think He’s pretty anxious for us to be aware of where we’re slacking or lacking so we can step up and be ready for the Big Day (since that day could potentially be eight months away–according to the Mayans and me–I take His pokes mostly seriously. My church doesn’t actually believe any of that date crap but I like to have my bases covered).

Listening to the Prophet and his apostles speak is my favorite security blanket. Remembering all over again that God has not forgotten us, that He’s still giving us commandments and revelations and solutions to our super unique and often terrifying spin here on Earth settles me. Soothes me. Gives me a really quick look at the eternal perspective and I like it.

With some of the challenges I’m seeing come up fast right now, I needed that extra lift.

I’m not dreading my trials this week, I’m embracing them. It feels really, really good.



  1. “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.” Loved it. I will probably still judge, though. Let’s be honest.

  2. Kristina always makes me laugh. I really enjoyed conference as well. It was nice to have my non–member friend sit and listen to a couple of talks with me.