Happy Thanksgiving to all the women who killed themselves off this year

I was talking to my girlfriend last night and we were discussing all the ridiculous Thanksgiving prep work I didn’t actually need to do this week. I was mentioning how I had just finished sewing the girls’ dresses, making the table runner and had four more placemats to hem before I painted a mural on the window and fed the 5000. She gawked at me and said, “Girl, you’ve got a problem! You need help!”

Then she remembered that she had to finish putting the hem on the napkins she cut out and needed to arrange all the roadside foliage she picked yesterday afternoon so she could finish the calligraphy work on her place cards.

Suffice it to say, WE’RE ALL FREAKING NUTS.

Happy Thanksgiving my crazy friends!


  1. You’re just related to my mom. Have a happy Thanksgiving, sounds like it will be memorable and fun! Love you. Miss you.

  2. <3 you!