I am so sick of turkey

People are always whining about the pre-Christmas hubub but oh my goodness, if I have to attend one more pre-Thanksgiving dinner I just might lose my protein shake all over the deviled eggs.

I hate Thanksgiving food. Love the gratitude but please don’t pass the potatoes. I hate them. And stuffing, ugh. In fact, I can’t think of a time in my life when I actually liked Thanksgiving food (aside from the deviled eggs which I actually do love). This has absolutely nothing to do with my disinterest in carbs for my figure’s sake, it doesn’t matter what my dieting status is, I can’t stand turkey.

(Crap, I forgot to buy a bucket so I can salt soak my bird tomorrow night. I wonder if I can just fill the washing machine with salt water and leave the lid up…)

Not only have we already participated in two major pre-turkey day galas but I’ve taken creamed corn to both events. The thought of making it one more time in a seven day cycle…it’s enough to give a person emotion induced stomach cramps. I can’t stand the thought of those bursting kernels smashing between my teeth with that sweet creamy homemade filling that I’m sick and tired of. Oh please not again.

My biggest pet peeve here is how my kids don’t eat. We dish up their plates and then watch them nibble at their rolls and sliver of turkey meat (Heaven forbid we give them dark meat), bypassing the beans, corn, yams, eggs, stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, fruit salad, creamed onions, macaroni and cheese, sausages, potatoes, turkey gravy–how is it I’ve passed on my genetic aversion to all our offspring when my husband lives and breathes by the beatless heart of the Thanksgiving Turkey (the only legs he prefers over mine)?

This year I got smart and we’re having a bunch of men over for Thanksgiving. Hey, I want my leftovers G-O-N-E as fast as possible. No way can Jason mow his way through them all before they hit trash bin #4 (have I mentioned that we have 5 different mandatory trash receptacles here? Paper, plastic, glass, waste, compost, and they only pick up our one measly trash can every two weeks).

Today was day one of the feast preparation, otherwise known as Shopping Day or Pre-Baking Day. Tomorrow is actual Baking Day and yesterday was Pre-Shopping Day. Since today was Shopping Day Pre-Baking Day I weathered the parking lot at the Commissary and managed to bake bread, get my tart dough ready to go, bake the yams and make enough pinto beans to feed 50 men.

In case you’re wondering, no we’re not serving pinto beans on Thanksgiving and no we did not invite 50 men. Jason reminded me yesterday that I’m supposed to bring in pinto beans for his office’s Mexican Lunch on Wednesday (my tomorrow). Do you know how many cans of pinto beans it takes to feed that many people? I’m way too cheap and totally out of grocery money so I had to resort to old fashioned beans in a bag and make them from scratch. It took me six hours and I didn’t have time to soak them. Oh well, I don’t have to work in that office so I won’t have to live with the atmospheric results.

And so my friends, Happy Shopping Day/Baking Day/Turkey Day this week, may your timers ring true and your children come to the table hungry. I’m so very, very thankful that mine have rarely experienced hunger. Food is truly such a blessing.

I think I should count them more.



  1. I can’t stand Thanksgiving either. I love having my girls home but the food is only good when you’re with your whole family. We’re military so unless we make it home we don’t eat the usual food. Everyone picks at it and no one eats leftovers. And this year we’re going out of town so we don’t have to pick at our food at anyone else’s house. 🙂

  2. I’m with you, Annie! I hate Thanksgiving food! And my husband is allergic to turkey. So, I’m not cooking. We’re going out to eat! I do love Thanksgiving, though, just all the wasted leftovers are ridiculous, and I always regret putting in the effort of cooking for that day.

  3. I LOVE THanksgiving! And I LOVE the food!! haha I could eat Thanksgiving leftovers every day…yum…

    Thankfully my kids like thanksgiving food too, otherwise maybe I wouldn’t care for it as much. I liked Thanksgiving by ourselves when we were away from family and I like it all together. There is just something about comfort food and counting blessings. Love it!

    Hope your Thanksgiving is (was?) great! 🙂