I am sick and tired of Fat Days.

I am finished. Done. This is over. It’s time for me to take back my jeans and all the rusty zippers that haven’t seen action in the last six, seven, eight oh whatever, 12 months.

We have lived here for a year and a half and I have very gradually gained 15 pounds. I say gradually but what I really mean is gained lost gained lost gained lost oh look, I can’t wear any of my clothes AT ALL gradually.

When I did the play in November I got motivated and lost eight pounds super easily. I’ve been around this hot dog stand, I know how to be thin. By December 1st I was down within about 5 pounds of my pre-Germany weight (11 pounds from pre-Georgia however many years ago). I felt great.

But when December hit my life went crazy. Looking back I realized that I didn’t spend one single day at home during the first three weeks of December, and when you’re gone at night and at lunch and at parties and at play practice you tend to eat whatever you can find and afford. In my case that was a lot of frickadelle and bratwurst with pommes. I was sure I was burning off the calories with all that extra driving and tenseness in my shoulders, but when I stepped on the scale on December 28 I was up 14 pounds from December 1st.


All month I’ve been taking one step forward, one step back. Then last week one of my friends texted me and asked if I would do a six-day protein shake/almonds/healthy dinner thing with her and I realized that it’s time I stopped eating out of the bread basket and took control of this stupid lack of self-control that is keeping me from my closet and mirrors and an overall sense of satisfaction. Done. Permanently. It’s over.

My sister suggested I look into a free hypnotherapy weight loss app and I’ve got to say, there just might be something to it. I don’t really care at this point, I’ll take all the positive reinforcement help I can get. Believe me when I tell you, by April Fools Day my closet is going to open its doors and welcome me back into every pair of teeny jeans and all the zippered dresses with open hangers.



  1. I’m on this bandwagon with you. I was doing so well even up to Christmas day. I was at pre-marriage and birth control weight. But then I enjoyed all the Christmas goodies we received. They were worth it, but it’s time to get back into my skinny clothes again.

  2. You’ll do it because you have before and when you put your mind to things…THEY GET DONE. That’s what I think anyway.
    I hear your story here for sure….since moving here (3 1/2 yrs ago now) I’ve gained 20 lbs and I HATE HATE it. I am doing Isogenix now….hmmmmm, we’ll see. It’s expensive and that irritates me.
    I can see those jeans slip sliding on you in no time.

  3. Have you heard of GPP? It’s based out of Utah. The program is available online and is nothing like any exercise I’ve ever done. A friend of mine is certified to teach it, so a group of us meet in her garage/gym every day (assuming I can drag my butt there) and work out. It’s a group workout, but you can alter it if needed. It kicks my butt. Right now my legs are all wobbly from our workout this morning. I foolishly wore my boots instead of sneakers to lunch and thought I was going to fall down. You could probably Google it. Our website my friend keeps up has the day’s workout and links to videos to show you how to do certain exercises.

  4. ” I’ve been around this hot dog stand, I know how to be thin”. I hear you babe! But we DO know how to be thin. This isn’t our first rodeo! It’s been sneaking up on me slowly too. Call me. We’ll motivate each other. Love you!