Letters from Harrison

Today I cleaned out Harrison’s (9) backpack. It’s day uno of Spring Break and Jason’s folks get here tomorrow, we’re heading out on an epic adventure and I’m dying to get out of Dodge. Excluding Disneyland, this is the first bit of traveling we’ve done since last September and it’s going to be a goody–driving down through Switzerland to stay at the temple housing and do a session, then on to Genoa for a nine-day cruise along the French Riviera, Spain, Portugal, Morocco…you’d think I would know by now that this trip will come with a hefty dose of travel trouble but I really don’t care.

Back to the backpack. I am pleased to report that there were no moldy lunches in his backpack this year, only four months of papers to go through. I was tempted to dump the pile halfway through but I know I’m supposed to care so I stuck with it.

I’m so glad I did.

I found two letters he’s written this month for school assignments. The first is a letter written to A Person of Interest. The letter reads:

Dear Indiana Jones, 

I am writing to say that I would love to come and discover the lost temple and the lost ark with you and your team. But I have a few questions to ask: How long will it take, will we have enough food, will we be able to contact our families, will we journey through the night, will we have sleeping bags just in case, will we have weapons in case something happens? Thank you for answering my questions. Oh! By the way how man days will we be gone, how many people are on your team, and when will we be leaving? Thank you for answering those questions, and thanks again for letting me come with you on your adventure. 

Yours sincerely, 

Harrison J

I love that one of his first concerns is the amount of food and whether or not he can call home. This second letter is particularly precious to me, especially the last paragraph. I think he was supposed to write a formal letter requesting some sort of action.

Dear Ms. Remoy,

Every Friday is so long and never short unless there is no school on Friday or if some students are on vacation. Plus we only get at least 20-40 minutes of fun Friday. But I think it would be better if all the students have a half-day Friday because each and every 5 days of the week all the students work very hard on their work and projects.

And our families miss us all day and want to see us. And we want to see them too. We are always happy when we get to see them, play with them, laugh with them and watch TV with them and other fun stuff.

Please do that, 

Harrison J

He’s a great kid, these are going in his file for sure. Finding these little gems made me really happy to be his mom.


  1. Please, Ms. Remoy!! His logic is solid!!!

  2. I agree with him Ms. Remoy!