Yodel-eh-he-who’s that Elf on the Shelf?

Let’s talk about this Elf on the Shelf business.

I’m not a big fan of fads (unless they make me skinny then I’m a walking infomercial). I’ve had a Pinterest account for how long and I can count on ten fingers how many sessions I’ve spent “pinning” things on the computer in the past year. No time, too busy doing…I have no idea what I do all day. It’s just not Pinterest.

But on December 26th last year my husband went to the post office and brought home a mail delayed Christmas gift from my sister-in-law, Tiffany. There is nothing better than finding an unexpected Christmas present the day after Christmas. It’s like putting on a winter coat from last year and finding a five dollar bill in the pocket. That’s three Snickers bars and a Diet Coke just waiting to happen.

We cracked it opened and discovered the multi-million dollar Christmas craze that someone got smart enough to put a price tag on–Elf on the Shelf.

Oh, we had an elf on the shelf growing up. He even had a name and I can remember that my mom thought he was really special. But according to the book, he wasn’t just any old elf. Elves who live in houses are really secret scout elves, specifically assigned to watch little children and report back to Santa. I probably would have stayed out of my mother’s closet during the month of December and done a little less corner tearing of gifts if I’d have realized someone was watching.

So this was our first year with “Yodel.” We broke him out last weekend and I have to tell you, I’m a believer. Christmas is real, Santa is true, and this elf has already been the best thing that ever happened to Christmas in my house.

I really thought that at 10 years old we would lose Harrison to the dark side this year. But when I came into the living room for the much anticipated opening of the Elf Box and found my four little kids sitting on the couch, HOLDING HANDS, I knew we were in for a great Christmas.

That night after reading the book and placing the box in its revered place on top of the piano, Harrison literally did the dishes, cleaned the upstairs family room, and took a shower the first time I asked. I think he said “yes Mom!” at least 17 times. I had to hold myself in check from asking him to perform nonsensical chores like dusting for cobwebs and reorganizing the basement.

Of course, no elf could exist in this household if he didn’t get lazy and skip his second night on duty. My kids came running into our bedroom at 6 am on Sunday morning (we got him out a day or two early) to tell us, tears streaming, that someone had touched the elf and he’d lost his magic.

Thank goodness for smartphone alarms. It just blared, time to go move the elf.




  1. there’s a movie too- check it out – i think it’s on netflix- it’s corney but CoCo LOOVVVEEEESSSS IT!!! We break ours out the night the tree is decorated. It cuts down on the number of days the elf has to go back and forth to the north pole and remember to do something clever or sneaky when he moves to a new viewing position. I better start setting the alarm, We also have problems remembering. Unfortunately I don’t see the magical behavioral transformation:(

  2. Gah! Another one bites the dust! I am fighting this Elf on the Shelf thing, but if it keeps my kids from fighting it may be worth it.

  3. Mary Richards says:

    Our elf also forgot to move spots. I think he’s been learning forgetfulness lessons from the tooth fairy.

  4. You need to tell your kids that your elf is being sneaky – trying to trick them by hiding in the same spot twice! Our elf gets a little lazy/forgetful/busy, but I prefer to tell the kids he’s sneaky!