He came, he hugged, he went

I’m amazed at how many couples make it through 50 years of marriage with nary a long-distance separation. My own parents have rarely spent more than 10 days apart and by the 8th day all my mother can do is wax poetic about my 80-year-old father’s hair.

I’ve been in the military community for six years now and during that time I have spent my own fair share of lonely nights away from my warrior. Shall I mention again that he missed an added total of five out of the nine months I was pregnant with Georgia, including the last two of bed rest? By the time he came home I had the Whaambulance on speed dial.

I know so many women with husbands in the Air Force and the Army and especially the Navy who have sent their men off for 6, 9, 12 and even 18 month deployments. Some of them are alone, some have six or seven children. And sure, most of us go through our crazy at one point or another but there comes a time where you just have to dig a stupid trench and settle in for the long fight.

Jason came home for the weekend on Friday to a shouting, barking chorus from our family and more than one happy tear from yours truly. I realized that while he’s technically only been gone since August we haven’t been together on a regular basis since April. It’s been a week gone here, a month there, a move overseas without him, trying to catch up for a few days in one state or another.

We haven’t had normal for six months and this weekend I remembered what normal was like. We were finally settled into our house with all of our things unpacked and a schedule to follow. And for the first time since we got to this barren desert it finally felt right. 72 hours of absolutely wonderful. Only a month and a half to go, we got this

Daddy’s home.





  1. Ok, so I may or may not have had a tear running down my cheek watching you guys surprise your kiddos. Outstanding! And yes, you Do “have this”. One of the best/worst days of my life was when my hubby retired from the USAF after 22 yrs of service for similar reasons. Btw, you & I are up Much too late 😉

  2. Mary Richards says:

    That video made me cry big ugly sobs. God bless your family and all military families for your service.