good news minute


I met with Rex’s teacher yesterday for a follow-up visit.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what school Rex goes to, he’s still going to be Rex.

The bad news is that it doesn’t matter what school Rex goes to, he’s still going to be Rex.

Rex is young for his age and has a hard time paying attention to the teacher. The second it’s time to do his work he’s perfectly fine and smart and capable, but otherwise he prefers to gaze off into the atmosphere and dream about Adventures with Baby Kevin the Snipe.

In a matter of moments his teachers and I realized that even if we moved him to an American school or I chose to home school him, we would all have the exact same problems. Besides, his German is starting to blossom. The Student Teacher, who speaks relatively good english and has been helping out with Rex, told me that when she says things in English, he now says, “No, tell it to me in German.” Das ist gut. Today he came into the kitchen and said, “Mom! Junie’s bein’ a bad girl, she’s hidin’ behind das blumen!”

To help his teachers, I am now sending baby Kevin to school with Rex for her to use as “motivation”. If he follows along and pays attention, Kevin can join him in his free time. If he drifts away and ignores the teacher, she cannot.

He really hates taking Kevin to school now.

The best news is that the girl who was abusing Rex (and all the other schulekindergarteners) has been removed from the school. Honestly, I feel a whole lot worse for her parents than I do for us, it would be awful to have your child kicked out of kindergarten. In fact, next to her Rex comes across as a perfect little angel.

I approached the Lord about this Rex-and-school topic earlier in the week, hoping that perhaps He would have changed His mind on the matter. Let me assure you, Rex is exactly where he is supposed to be. The answer came swift and fierce, and there is no doubt that my boy is front and center in that Heavenly Radar in the sky. I’m sure that looking back at this decision, it will all someday be so clear. The Lord moves in mysterious ways and I certainly don’t want to play road block to His plan.

On a totally separate but super more awesome note, we bought our house today!!! Even better is the fact that on Monday morning they’re delivering 18,000 lbs of Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to yours truly. That’s right, my ship is coming in so bring on the cardboard.

Life is so good (or it will be when my Intelligel mattress gets here).